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Board of Directors


Rebecca Alvarez, MSW, LSW, M.Ed


RebeccaRebecca emerged as a fledgling sex educator in 2004 with the women owned-and-run sex shop Babeland in New York City. In 2009, she co-founded ScrewSmart, a Philadelphia-based sex education collaborative that offers sexuality-based workshops, burlesque and drag edutainment. Her research on creating sexual comfort within the medical community as well as Intimate Partner Violence has been presented at sites including the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the TransHealth Conference, and Widener University. She believes that the medical world has much to learn about pleasure-aware care and to this ends, has taught as a Gynecological Teaching Associate and a curriculum developer and facilitator for the American Medical Student Association’s Sexual Health Scholar’s program. Currently, she works as HIV Mental Health Counselor at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Brian Flaherty


Brian Flaherty went to Tufts University where misspent the first three years of his college education pursuing an engineering degree before bailing out at the last minute and getting an English degree. He went on to work his way up through the ranks of academic law librarianship despite the conspicuous absence of a law degree. He has worked as a legal reference librarian for over 20 years; given the intersection of his personal and professional interests, he has developed a specialty in researching issues related to sex and the law. In 2006 he helped incorporate Partners in Sex Education, a non-profit in the Greater Boston area dedicated to educating young people in schools, juvenile detention facilities and other youth organizations. He currently works as a librarian at New England Law | Boston, and as director of development and administrative factotum for Partners in Sex Education in Newton.

Derek Andelloux, M.D.


derekDr. Derek Andelloux is a Family Medicine Physician who received his MD from Boston University, and will soon complete his residency training at Brown University/Memorial Hospital of RI in the summer of 2012. He has spent a significant portion of his training focusing on sexual medicine and reproductive issues, and is comfortable counseling patients on diverse and various aspects of male and females sexuality. A lifelong Rhode Islander, he is committed to providing quality healthcare here in the Ocean State.

Kira Manser, LSW, M.Ed


KiraKira Manser started her formal career as a sex educator at Miko, the original feminist run sex shop in Providence, where she helped open the Sexuality Resource Center. She’s worked in many different areas of sexuality, including: directing a high school peer sex-ed program, as a gynecological training associate, facilitating small groups of med students for the Sexual Health Scholars Program, and recently completing a dual degree in social work and education in human sexuality masters program at Widener University. Her labor of love continues to be running the Philadelphia based sex-positive sex education collaborative ScrewSmart, which she has helped build since 2009. She’s currently working on her doctorate to fulfill her dream of being a doctor of sexology, and is working part-time as the LGBT Health and Capacity Trainer for Mazzoni Center. When not working on anything sexuality related she can probably still be found guffawing with the Screws, dancing to pop music, or knitting.

Jayne Greenberg

JayneJayne Greenberg graduated with honors from Brandeis University with a degree in Health: Science, Society and Policy. While at Brandeis, she completed a thesis on the impact of social networking on the intimate relationships of 18 -21 year olds. She served as the co-Director of the Student Sexuality Information Services (SSIS) for two years, where she engaged the diverse campus community in conversations around sex, sexuality and relationships. Her involvement in reproductive and sexual health has included work with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, NARAL NY, and the CSPH. Currently, she works for a national non-profit aimed at providing disconnected youth with access to careers and higher education.