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Ask Oh Megan and the CSPH – Unsafe Sex Toys

December 01, 2013

unsafesextoysYour sex questions answered by Megan Andelloux, Certified Sex Educator, and founder of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health!

Megan answers REAL questions that she has been asked by people like you! Megan has been in the sexuality field for 16 years, and has visited over 75 different schools, is a faculty instructor for the Brown School of Medicine, and is the author of the book “Hot and Fast: Spontaneous Quickies for Passionate Orgasms”

Last week Megan talked about body-safe sex toy material. This week Megan gives advice on sex toy materials that are not safe for the body.

Learn more about Megan here: https://www.OhMegan.com

If you have a question for Megan Andelloux about anything from sex toys, ┬áto gender, to fantasies and sexual health and reproduction – Just ask!
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None of the featured toys are recommended for the mentioned use.

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