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Center Stage Sexual Aid: Bubbly by Toyfriend

November 01, 2012

Each week The CSPH takes a look at a sexual aid that can be just so helpful for some people, that it needs to be highlighted. This week’s sexual aid is the Bubbly by Toyfriend.

How does the product work?

Part of the line of “Power” Toyfriends—billed as stronger than the Original Toyfriends, but “very, very quiet”—the Bubbly is a powerful, yet discreet vibrator made of body-safe silicone.  The Bubbly has one large button at the base that controls all of its functions: one click on the button turns the Bubbly on to its highest vibration setting, a second click switches to a lower vibration, and subsequent clicks cycle through its three pulsation modes (long/slow, medium, and short/fast).  To turn the Bubbly off, simply hold down that same button.

The Bubbly’s unique shape lends itself well to internal and external stimulation.  Attached to the base, which is about 5.5 inches long, are three “bubbles” that look like large marbles.  The three “bubbles” vibrate strongly, as does the base.  Since a stem of flexible silicone connects the bubbles, the bubbles can go inside the vagina for g-spot stimulation and the base can be bent in whatever direction the user chooses!  

Important Things to Note:

It’s quiet, and like all other Toyfriend vibes, something as simple as a small fan or a running shower cancels out the sound of the Bubbly so it can’t be heard beyond closed doors, even on its highest setting.  Additionally, it’s waterproof: the batteries screw into the bottom like in a standard flashlight and are sealed up tight so one need not worry while playing in the shower or bath!

Lube and the Bubbly go great together, though, as with all silicone toys, water-based lube is your best bet as lubes with silicone can eat away at your toy’s skin. Batteries (AAA) are included with all Toyfriend vibes, so just unscrew the bottom and remove the paper barrier to get started!  Additionally, the Bubbly can be used for anal penetration, if the user makes sure to only insert the “bubble” parts; don’t insert it past the narrow part behind the bubbles because the base of the toy isn’t flanged and can get lost inside the anus. Using the Bubbly anally may be easier with a partner than solo.  

Keeping it Clean:

Wash the Bubbly with gentle soap or toy cleaner before and after use, and you’ll be ready to go again in no time.

The Bubbly’s fun looks aren’t the only reason that I recommend it, it’s a great choice for beginners or as part of a larger collection because of its multiple possible uses.  Whether you like vibrations just internally, externally, a little bit of both, or you want to experiment, the Bubbly will deliver what you desire!

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