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Center Stage Sexual Aid: Rebel

January 31, 2013

rebelEach week, The CSPH takes a look at a sexual aid that can be just so helpful for some people, that it needs to be highlighted. This week’s sexual aid is the Rebel by Toyfriend.

How does the product work?
Rebel is one of five vibrators in the Original Toyfriend line, and, like all Toyfriends, Rebel is made from 100% high-quality, body safe silicone, meaning that it does not contain the potentially dangerous chemicals that many cheaper and lower-quality toys do. Also, this toy is completely waterproof, making it an ideal addition to your shower and bath time routines—move over, rubber duckie! While the Rebel is considerably smaller than most other Toyfriends The CSPH has reviewed, it still packs the powerful yet quiet vibrations to which we have grown accustomed.

To turn Rebel on and off, simply press and hold the button on the base. Unlike the larger Toyfriend vibrators, this one has only one setting. This vibrator is powered by a single 1.5 volt battery, which is included with the toy and easy to replace. Included with the Rebel is a clear plastic display stand.

Important Things to Note:
The bulbous head of this toy is angled in such a way that it makes it an ideal toy for multiple types of stimulation. In fact, Rebel is one of only four Toyfriend vibrators that the company recommends for anal use, as long as you only insert the head. Otherwise, the toy could get lost inside of your body due to its lack of a flanged base. If anal stimulation is not in your sexual repertoire, try Rebel out on yours or your partner’s clitoris, vaginal entrance, or g-spot. Of course a penis-owner could also benefit from Rebel’s unique shape, strong vibrations, and silky finish, but why contain your play to just genitals? The only limit to your stimulation is your imagination.

While a lubricant could only improve Rebel’s performance, be sure to only use something water-based with this vibrator. Silicone lubricants and silicone toys do not mix; unfortunately, a silicone lube will only ruin the Rebel. If you are not sure which lube is right for you, check out The CSPH’s Lube 101.

Keeping it Clean:
For best results, use a toy cleaner or mild soap before and after each use.

Considering that the Rebel is such a versatile yet discreet vibrator, The CSPH believes that it would be a welcome addition to any sex toy collection. It could be an especially wise investment for a novice who is still figuring out what they are looking for without committing to something larger and more complicated.

While The CSPH does its best to provide thorough and unbiased product reviews, it should be noted that the information here is not a substitute for medical instruction or advice.  The CSPH is not responsible for accidents that may occur from the use of this product.  Please contact your medical provider if you have any further questions or concerns.

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