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Center Stage Sexual Aid: Silk by Sliquid Organics

March 15, 2013

sliquidEach week, The CSPH takes a look at a sexual aid that can be so helpful for some people, it needs to be highlighted. This week we take a look at Silk by Sliquid Organics!

How does it work?

Sliquid Organics Silk is a water- and silicone-based lubricant that is infused with certified-organic botanical extracts. Hybrid lubes like Silk combine properties of water-based and silicone-based lubricants and can be a great way to get the best of both worlds; the most common complaint about most water-based lubes is that they tend to get absorbed into the skin and dry up too quickly. While Silk’s silicone blend is longer-lasting than water-based lubes, it doesn’t sacrifice their ease-of-use since it’s easily washable and non-staining. The addition of organic aloe and alfalfa extracts also gives Silk some soothing, moisturizing properties. Since all Sliquid lubes are also paraben- and glycerin-free, this makes Silk a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin who want a lube with some staying power.

Additionally, Silk’s unique blend of ingredients produces a creamier (some might say silkier) texture than your average water-based lube. During use, it feels natural: slick and slippery, but not like you’re slathered in a foreign substance. It’s worth noting that although Silk has a nice texture, it’s a little bit thinner and tends to run more than many of Sliquid’s water-based lubes. A lube with a thicker consistency—like Sliquid’s Sassy—might be better for anal play, as thicker lubes not only tend to be better at staying where you need them, but also offer a bit more cushion.

Silk has no smell and a very subtle, inoffensive taste. Most people should have no qualms about mixing it with oral stimulation, but it would be a good idea to taste it before getting you or your partner all lubed up. If you’re concerned about a possible allergic reaction to some of the ingredients, rub some of the lube on your hands or wrists before applying it to a more delicate area.

Important things to note:

Although Silk is body-safe and easy to clean, the jury is still out on whether hybrid lubes are 100% safe for all silicone toys. Silicone-based lubricants can sometimes bond to silicone toys, altering the toy’s texture and producing a tacky feel. Since hybrid lubes are primarily water-based and contain just a small amount of silicone, they’re typically compatible with most silicone toys. Generally, high-quality silicone toys are usually hybrid lube-safe.

However, not all silicone toys are created equal. Different grades of silicone are used across the sex toy industry, and the grade of silicone can affect how readily the silicone in your toy might bond to the silicone in your lube. I would definitely recommend doing a patch test on your silicone toy before getting it completely coated. As an alternative, covering silicone toys with condoms before using Silk will protect them from any unwanted interactions.

Keeping it clean:

Like water-based lubes, Silk washes off quickly and easily in water. It can also be washed out of most fabrics, so it’s perfectly compatible with your nice sheets.

Overall, Silk is a great, long-lasting lubricant that you can feel good about using. It’s body-safe and contains USDA-certified organic ingredients that are great for soothing sensitive skin, while offering users a blend of the benefits of both silicone-and water-based lubricants.

While The CSPH does its best to provide thorough and unbiased product reviews, it should be noted that the information here is not a substitute for medical instruction or advice.  The CSPH is not responsible for accidents that may occur from the use of this product.  Please contact your medical provider if you have any further questions or concerns.

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