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Center Stage Sexual Aid: SpareParts Hardwear Tomboi

December 13, 2012

Each week, The CSPH takes a look at a sexual aid that can be just so helpful for some people, that it needs to be highlighted. This week’s sexual aid is the Tomboi by SpareParts Hardwear

How does the product work?

These new briefs created by SpareParts Hardwear can be worn under your clothes as underwear all day, and can turn into your incredibly comfortable harness at night! The brief underwear harness, also known as Tomboi, goes on and off as easily as any other underwear, without pinching any skin as some harnesses are wont to do.

It has a variety of stellar features and benefits that make it a worthy purchase, for instance the internal strap that allows for pack and play if that’s an interest of yours. Additionally, the Tomboi features two internal panels of fabric that separate the base of the dildo from your skin, allowing you some freedom because you won’t feel any irritating friction. Tomboi can hold a variety of toys ranging from 1.25–2.25 inches (3.17–5.71 cm) in diameter, and you could even put a double-ended dildo into this harness and it will be securely held. It’s easy to change toys during playtime: simply insert your toy through the flexible and secure fabric O-ring, close the fabric panels over the base of your toy (unless it’s double ended), and you’re good to go!

Tomboi is even made of amazing material that wicks wetness away from the body and is also quick-dry, making it great even for water play. You never have to worry about wet spots showing through the material. It can also be used with any type of lubricant without staining, though be sure to use appropriate lube based on your toys (i.e. not silicone-based for silicone toys).

Important Things to Note:

When purchasing any harness, it is crucial that you purchase the right size. Consider not only your measurements and how they match up to the size chart, but also your shape. For example, if your measurements generally meet the “medium” size standard and you’re curvy (we like to use a moon analogy: full moon, half moon, and crescent to describe the shape of your bottom), you should probably go a size up to compensate for that. You want the harness to fit correctly so that everything is in the right place; especially the O-ring, as if it is too high or low it can make thrusting and positioning awkward for the giver. A full size chart can be found on the SpareParts Hardwear website, www.myspare.com.

It’s also important to know that there are no metal materials in the harness that could set off any alarms in the airport if you’re planning on traveling with it or while wearing it. All SpareParts harnesses are also vegan, so if that is part of your lifestyle, this is a great company for you to support! Tomboi is also made in the U.S.A.

Included within the Tomboi itself are two internal pockets where you can put bullet vibrators to please yourself and your partner, and a nifty little pocket where you can stash condoms or lube, in addition to a storage pouch from the packaging and a one year warranty.

Keeping It Clean:

Tomboi can be washed by hand or by machine, though SpareParts recommends using a laundry bag if you’re going to machine wash it. Let it dry out on a line, lay it flat to dry, or tumble dry it on low to prevent damage. Also, please wash it before wearing it!

Tomboi is a great addition for any toy fan who enjoys using a strap on with their partner. It is also perfect for anyone looking to use this type of sexual aid for gender expression and/or identity, as it can double as briefs with a packing feature. Able to be worn during travel, underneath clothing, and be easily and discreetly tucked away in its convenient little travel bag, this harness is simple for anyone to use.

While The CSPH does its best to provide thorough and unbiased product reviews, it should be noted that the information here is not a substitute for medical instruction or advice.  The CSPH is not responsible for accidents that may occur from the use of this product.  Please contact your medical provider if you have any further questions or concerns.

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