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Sexuality Consultations

What is a sexuality consultation?

A sexuality consultation is a way to personally and in a private setting, work through sexual issues, concerns, and/or difficulties you may be experiencing.

Many times people want a safe space to ask vulnerable questions, address concerns they are having, and/or find ways to enhance their sexuality. However, not everyone has the ability to connect with a health care provider that is aware of sexual issues and/or means to take a class held at a college or sex toy shop.  Even if they do, they might not necessarily want to divulge their personal history in front of a group of 20 to 500 people.

The structure of a sexuality consultation, however, is perfect for a personalized approach to these needs. Sex consultations are a client-centered process, meaning that the client drives the agenda and determines the steps, pace and goals. The role of the educator is to provide accurate information, suggestions, encourage reframing thoughts and to provide homework.

Sexuality consultations are a mix of these elements:

  • Personalized sexuality information and education
  • Mental reframing and redirection of cognitive processes
  • Guidance behavioral training
  • Resources and referrals

If you think you have something you would like to address, you can contact The CSPH and speak to the Operations Manager to determine whether a sexuality consultation might be right for you. Depending on your needs, we may offer you a referral to an outside provider.

Where do the sexuality consultations take place?
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