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Fast Five: Megan Andelloux's Reddit AMA

November 21, 2012

Each week, The CSPH highlights information from some of our favorite sites that is relevant in the exciting world of sexuality. This week, we are focusing on questions from The CSPH Founder and Director Megan Andelloux’s recent Reddit Ask Me Anything. Follow the links for Megan’s answers!

1. Q: As someone in a wheelchair, can you recommend positions or techniques to help spice up my wife and I’s sex life?

2. [My significant other] and I are ready to add lube into our lives. Not for anal play, just to add to the joy of hands. Any low-cost recommendations?

3. …I am a female and have orgasms in my sleep, usually several times a week. Can I reproduce this when I’m awake?…

4. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to respond to G-spot stimulation AT ALL. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve been with some girls in the past and been effective using G-spot stimulation…Any advice?

5. I’ve always envied the ability to deepthroat a man. Unfortunately, my gag reflex is through the roof…how can I overcome this?! Do I really need to practice with a banana?

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