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Fast Five: Sex Dream Interpretations from EMandLO.com

November 28, 2012

Each week, The CSPH highlights information from some of our favorite sites that is relevant in the exciting world of sexuality. This week, we are focusing on dream interpretations by Lauri Loewenberg on EMandLO.com.

Dream Interpretation: I Am Drowning in Man Juice!
“He also came – a lot – in your face. In real life did he really unload on you in some way? Or do you recall him doing or mentioning something that brought him great satisfaction? The fact that gave you a ‘facial’ makes me think that something must have happened that day that made you ‘face’ some sort of reality that maybe you had been turning a blind eye towards until then.”

Dream Interpretation: I Chopped Off My Willy in the Tub
“You decide to cut off your willy, thinking you could reattach it. Dismemberment in a dream usually means the dreamer has severed ties with someone in the waking world. At the time of this dream, do you recall cutting someone out of your life in order to clean up your life? Perhaps someone you might describe as ‘a dick?'”

Dream Interpretation: I Go Down on My Wife and She Has a Penis
“…it might bring you comfort to know that your wife’s penis in this dream is most likely representative of her [masculine] assertive energy. Has she taken charge in some way in waking life? Is she “standing up” for herself… ahem? The oral aspect of this dream most likely has to do with communication because – like oral – it is the mouth that is used to communicate. Have you encouraged your wife to ‘man up’ in some capacity?”

Dream Interpretation: I Dream of Breast Milk and Now I Want It
“Hopefully I can help you out before you get to the point of trolling in the park for breastfeeding mothers or wet nurses…have you been “suckling off the teat” of someone’s kindness and generosity? If so, your dream may be showing you that you’ve become a bit too comfortable in that role. It could also mean that you’ve been allowing someone to baby you too much. Is your mother doting on you more than she should? Are you in a relationship where your significant other mothers you rather than treats you as an equal? Or do you simply need to grow up and man up in some area of your life?

Dream Interpretation: My Ex Pulls Down His Pants to Reveal Three Wild Dogs
The dogs in your dream are attached to the top of your ex’s left leg. This tells me you may be a bit too attached to your ex… okay, way too attached…Perhaps it’s best — like the dogs — you release yourself from this attachment… I mean living your life stuck to a man who you’ve not seen in years seems to be an egregious waste of what little time you have on this earth.”

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