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Fast Five: Sex Stories from Thought Catalog

December 19, 2012

Each week, The CSPH highlights information from some of our favorite sites that is relevant in the exciting world of sexuality. This week, we are focusing on five sex stories from Thought Catalog.

Dating When You’re A Teenager Versus Dating In Your Twenties
On having safe sex
Teenager You: Don’t get me pregnant don’t get me pregnant don’t get me pregnant please god
20-Something You: Don’t give me an STD don’t give me an STD please no STDs”

I Wouldn’t Know Good Sex If It Choked Me And Pulled My Hair
“It’s very possible that I’ve never had great sex. I came to this realization while lying mostly naked on a wooden table in a room built into the tree tops of a forest in Nicaragua.”

12 Signs That You Need To Get Laid
“2. The last time you had sex, Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ was the ‘Call Me Maybe.'”

10 Most Awkward Things People Have Said To Me During Sex
“Are you actually playing Tetris right now?”

A Checklist For Getting Laid
6. Ditch your friends. You’ve found a hot guy and you’re so into him but you came with people. Just ditch them without even excusing yourself or saying anything else about it. You can tell them all about it at brunch on Sunday, which is the perfect time to talk about that.

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