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Strategic Framework 2016-2019


The CSPH envisions a world where pleasure is viewed as an integral part of sexual health and people can engage in open dialogue about sexuality without fear or shame. We work toward a society that values personal autonomy and sexual health equity for everyone.


The mission of the CSPH is to advance culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure informed sexuality education, therapy, and professional training. We provide the sex education you deserve



Priority A: Reduce Sexual Shame

  1. Affirm both individual and community rights to pursue self-identified sexual wellness and satisfaction.
  2. Provide mental health support and opportunities for people to heal from trauma and sexual shame.
  3. Normalize the wide diversity of  identities, relationships, experiences, and behaviors that exist.

Priority B: Elevate Comprehensive Sexuality Education

  1. Provide welcoming and accessible spaces and opportunities for people to receive culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure informed  sex education.
  2. Educate adjacent fields and allied health professionals (e.g. social workers, medical providers, school based educators) on sexuality to improve their practices.
  3. Promote comprehensive sexuality education through social media and other digital platforms.
  4. Amplify the voices of historically underrepresented communities through The CSPH platform.

Priority C: Support the Growth of the Sexuality Field

  1. Shift societal attitudes to recognize and financially support pleasure-inclusive sex education as a valuable and necessary service.
  2. Develop and support new leaders in the sexuality field who share and advocate for The CSPH’s values.
  3. Model best business practices, high ethical standards, and active allyship and accountability congruent with The CSPH values.
  4. Increase representation of diverse communities  in the sexuality field by promoting broader access and visibility for emerging sexuality professionals.


The CSPH accomplishes its mission in the following ways: