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  • Tuesday-Friday: 12 to 6pm & by appointment

Want to be a Volunteer?

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health welcomes volunteers who want to work in a sex-positive environment and help their community. Volunteers may choose to arrive at any time of year to work with us and will be invited to attend the next volunteer training. Volunteers can work with us in long-term, short-term, or project-based time frames.

We are not currently accepting volunteers based on our projects and workload in the Center.

Volunteering is a great experience for anyone interested in helping further a vital community resource, connecting with an amazing, diverse community of sex-positive people from all walks of life, and/or learning about non-profit development, fundraising, library science, sexual education, and more!

We encourage individuals to bring new ideas to the table and to arrive with a strong interest in collaboration, but we have plenty of things to do if you do not know where to begin. The CSPH does most of their work using Google Drive and Asana, so a familiarity with those platforms is a plus (but don’t worry, we will show you how to use them if you are unfamiliar). Volunteers, like all associates of The CSPH are expected to communicate openly about project progress and complications, treat one another with respect, and be ready to learn (in the fun way!).

Benefits of Volunteering:

Volunteering at The CSPH gives you access to a wonderful resource center and the vast network of its Founder and Director, Megan Andelloux–a certified and accredited sex educator and sexologist. This position also provides opportunities for continuing education as Ms. Andelloux regularly brings in trainers and speakers from the field of sexuality to meet with the interns (and volunteers can attend!). These provide either specific guidance and presentations or just talk about their experiences in the field and address concerns and questions people may have.