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Hump Day Hero: Charlie Glickman

March 06, 2013

charlie-hdrEvery other Wednesday The CSPH will highlight a Sexuality Professional you should keep your eye on. Their backgrounds are very diverse in order to bring attention to the wide variety of amazing people working in the field. This week we bring you Charlie Glickman.

What do you do in the field of sexuality?

I teach classes and workshops on a wide range of topics, including sex-positivity, sex & shame, sexual practices & relationships (including BDSM, polyamory, sex toys, sexual anatomy, sex toys, safer sex, sexual health), sexual assault, and male gender roles. I also offer classes on how to apply the principles and practices of adult education to sexuality topics, classes on sexuality for therapists and seminarians, and trainings for non-profit agencies.

Where are you based out of?

Oakland, CA

What is your focus?  What do you do?

I focus on teaching adults. Most sex ed is oriented towards youth and young adults, but people older than 25 face their own challenges when it comes to sex.

What are your particular goals and passions in the field?

Everything connects to our sex lives and all too often, people ignore that. If we want to build a world in which people can live authentic, passionate lives, we need to include sexuality education.

Why did you choose to work in this field?

I love knowing that people are having better sex and happier relationships because of something that I told them.

Where did you go for school/training?

I received my doctorate from the Union Institute & University in 2005. I also received a lot of training at Good Vibrations, where I have worked since 1996, as well as various agencies that I volunteered for.

How did you get to where you are?

I started out doing queer outreach in the early 1990′s, which led to safer sex workshops, which led to talking about negotiation & communication, which got me into sex more generally.

What would you recommend to future sexologists attempting to get into the field?

Find a topic or community that really resonates with you. Read and learn as much as you possibly can. Remember to include self-reflection in your work. And have fun!

What is the most challenging aspect for you working in this career?

The deeply rooted sexual shame that pervades our culture. On the other hand, I love talking about sexual shame, so it means that I always have something interesting to learn and teach.

One must read-what would you recommend?  Why?

Thinking Sex by Gayle Rubin. It’s the seminal work on sex-negativity and anyone interested in sexuality would benefit from reading it.

Where can we learn more about the work you are performing?

You can learn more about my work at www.charlieglickman.com or email me at: mail@charlieglickman.com

NOTE: We do not necessarily endorse or agree with all the opinions of our featured Hump Day Heroes. If you have concerns over someone who is currently featured, please let us know by emailing aida@thecsph.org.

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