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Hump Day Hero: Jiz Lee

May 16, 2012

Every Wednesday The CSPH highlights a Sexuality Professional you should keep your eye on. Their backgrounds are very diverse in order to bring attention to the wide variety of amazing people working in the field. This week we bring you Jiz Lee!

1. What do you do in the field of sexuality?
Since 2005, I’ve been performing in queer pornography, and since 2007 I’ve been working behind-the-scenes with notable filmmaker Shine Louise Houston’s company Pink & White Productions, facilitating the production and promotion of ethical pornography to a sex-positive community.

I write on my blog at JizLee.com and as a contributor to numerous print and online publications on the subject of queer sexuality, gender, and pornography, and I speak at colleges and universities on those subjects as well as host screenings and lead sexuality workshops. I also advocate for accessible technology and social marketing, and consult with sex workers, artists and small businesses within the realms of web production and advocacy.

For the past year, I’ve raised money for sex-positive, queer, and kink-friendly non-profit organizations and charities through my experimental erotic philanthropy project Karma Pervs, and have so far donated over $3500 through sexy fundraising. (I have a background in arts administration and explicit performance art, so it’s my playful way to keep in touch with creative advocacy.

I do a little bit of everything, each a spoke on the wheel of my curiosity of how sex and art can be a medium to explore pleasure in ways that are authentic, healthful, beautiful and fun.

2. Where are you based out of?
I’m from Hawai`i but have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past twelve years, so it’s also home for me. My work routinely takes me to LA, NYC, Toronto, Berlin, and elsewhere.

3. What is your focus? What do you do?
My focus is porn performance, and I’m specifically interested in expressing my personal authentic pleasures, whether it be through safer sex practices, female ejaculation, fisting, and other acts. I work within adult video, and write about my experiences online, often providing resources to others interested in participating or partaking in pornography that is queer, indie, kinky or artistic, and which depicts desire and pleasure in honest and healthful ways.

4. What are your particular goals and passions in the field?
My goals are to articulate my explorations, and to inspire others. I hope to encourage consumers to support the work of myself and other pornographers, helping to create a sustainable business of professionals bringing marginalized desire to the screen.

When our society lacks comprehensive sex education, we look to porn as one of the few examples of explicit sex. The danger of pornography is when it shows only a limited example of what sex looks like, and who gets to have it. The benefits of queer pornography casting diverse performers engaged in diverse sexual and emotional play is that it opens up the options of representations of desire. It helps to validate those performing as well as those watching, and encourages further representation. If you film them, they will come!

5. Why did you choose to work in this field?
I had wanted to perform in porn for a while; I enjoy sex and find it exhilarating to share on camera/with an audience. Working in porn has helped me come out of my shell, helped me articulate my thoughts both through writing and public speaking, and strengthened my confidence as a sexual person.

6. Where did you go for school/training?
Years of experience on the field. 😉

7. Do you have any literature out (websites, articles)?
I write on my website JizLee.com, and other online sites, and have been a contributor to several publications, from mags to zines and art books to anthologies. I will be a part of the upcoming Feminist Porn Anthology, and am currently working on my upcoming eBook How to Come Out Like a Pornstar, with stories and anecdotes on coming out (or not) about pornographic work to families and loved ones.

8. What is the most challenging aspect for you working in this career?
Being true to myself. This is easier said than done, however I think my success is due to holding true to my boundaries and my desire to express myself as authentically as I can. While it’s limited the kind and amount of work I’ve had access to, I think it’s opened new possibilities for myself and many others. Navigating my personal space and boundaries has helped to strengthen my ability to communicate my needs and has made me a stronger person. Challenges can hold the most rewards.

9. What one must-read would you recommend? Why?
Hard question… I guess I’ll say The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin. Though it’s been a while since I’ve read the book, it’s section on limerance informed me at a pivotal time of my early sexual life as a young adult. But then again so did The Ethical Slut and other non-sex books. Find me on GoodReads.com for more books and recommend some to me!

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