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Hump Day Hero: Sportsheets International

January 20, 2016
The Posting Maven

On some special Wednesdays, The CSPH features someone who is rockin’ the field of sexuality. This week, we’re putting the spotlight on a company that we think is doing totally hero-worthy work, Sportsheets International! 

About Sportsheets International

Sportsheets was founded in 1993 by Tom Stewart, a former USMC helicopter pilot. After watching a prominent former late-night talk show host play around in a Velcro suit, inspiration struck! Tom learned to sew, and with the help of his family, particularly his sister and business partner, Julie, he built an accessible bondage empire based around their mission: “Keeping couples connected.”

Why we partner with Sportsheets International

BIsquit, our black and white cat, sits with red rope floggers, black and red paddes with XOXO on them, and red and black kegel balls from Sportsheets International's sex and mischief line.When The CSPH seeks out companies to partner with, we look for those whose values align with ours. Sportsheets International aims to make kink play accessible to all body types by offering increased-size options for larger people. Their slings and cuffs, while marketed primarily for sexual pleasure, were created with the hope of supporting people with varying abilities to have awesome, comfortable sexual encounters. And, although Sportsheets Intl. has grown exponentially since it introduced its first product, the Velcro Bondage Bedsheet (the first of its kind!), it remains a family-owned company with an activist heart.

Julie Stewart, President, has served on the board of the Free Speech Coalition and Tom Stewart has worked with The Wounded Warriors Project and Veteran’s Affairs to increase access to sexual enhancement devices for disabled vets. His work has paid off — many of the products that Sportsheets Intl. creates are on our short list of recommended for people with limited mobility and positioning concerns.

Another feature that makes Sportsheets Intl. products so wonderful takes us right back to the founder’s inspiration: Velcro. Sportsheets International’s products almost exclusively use Velcro fasteners, making them easy to get out of — if you want to. The Velcro fasteners give restrained users the added bonus of feeling safe and in control. They can be invaluable for those who could be triggered by restraint play, but still want to engage in it, or for those who have physical conditions that make easy-escape restraints absolutely necessary.

Beyond the awesome causes they support, Sportsheets Intl. is a fantastic resource for beginning kinksters and experienced players alike. 


The CSPH loves…

The Under the Bed Restraint System

The Under the Bed Restraint Kit is fantastic for people who can’t (or don’t want to) drill into their furniture to have a four-point restraint system. As the name would imply, The Study Sex College Tour mostly engages college age students…meaning we see A LOT of dorm dwellers who can’t make permanent changes to their dorm furniture, and who might need to keep their toys out of roommates’ and parents’ sight. It’s also a fantastic option if you travel and want to have playtime while on the road.

The Doggie Style Strap

Some people look at the Doggie Style Strap and think, “Why would I need that? Isn’t face-down, bum-up a self-sustaining position?” Yes, it can be, but this simple addition to your collection can be a game-changer. It positions the pelvis for deeper penetration and more pressure on the ventral (belly-side) wall of the abdomen — so HELLO g-zone and prostate stimulation. The Doggie Style Strap comes in a couple of styles: the original, one with an extra firm foam form and space for a vibrator, and a plus-sized option that is longer and slightly wider for comfort.


Sportsheets International has a variety of harnesses across a range of price points. Their looks range from simple to luxurious. Many of the harnesses are also available in plus-sizes to accommodate many different bodies. Sportsheets also has manufactures thigh harnesses (one with space for a bullet vibrator and one without) for people who don’t want a pelvis-centric penetration model.

Thank you Sportsheets International for making the Study Sex College Tour possible and supporting The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health!


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