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Jo’s Naturalove Personal Lubricant With Chamomile

June 13, 2017
Patty Affriol

Every other week, The CSPH takes a look at a sexual aid that can be very helpful for some people and should be highlighted. This week we take a look at the Jo’s Naturalove Personal Lubricant with Chamomile.

What Exactly Is it?

System Jo’s Naturalove line is all about promotes its organic ingredients and keeping the planet safe. The water-based lubricant with chamomile is paraben and glycol free and is 95% USDA certified organic. It’s sweet-tasting and also glycerin free, which is great news for those prone to yeast infections. The ingredients include: water, chamomile extract, agave leaf extract, carrageenan, and lemon, grapefruit & rosemary extract.

The lubricant comes in several sizes ranging from 1oz (30 mL) to 8oz (240 mL). Tthe packaging is green and very “organic looking” but it comes in a slim plastic bottle with a snap-open topp. It has a very sweet and artificial vanilla scent, so it’s not recommended for people who are averse to scented products. The lube comes out amber-color, which may be surprisingly at first, but it’s due to the chamomile extract used as a preservative. Lastly, you may only need a  small dime sized of lube, as the lube can go a long way.

What Should I Use it For?

For an organic lubricant, it’s pretty delicious and surprisingly thin. The best way to describe the taste and texture is a mixture between water and syrup. It’s easily rubbed into the skin and not too sticky unless using a lot at once. But…because of how thin it is, it’s NOT suggested for anal play or vigorous activity. Rather, it would be great for light play with toys that interact well with water based lube. And even better for people who enjoy sweet tasting things.

How Much Does it Costs?

Prices range between $10.99 for 1oz (30 mL) to 25.49 for 8oz (240 mL). It’s available at many major retailers in the US such as Adam and Eve or Adult Mart. It’s also available at retailers located in Australia, Denmark, and Spain.

Things to Note

Heads up for those who have  food sensitivity/allergies. Please make sure to read over the entire ingredient list before use.

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