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Monday Reviews: Cheeky Spanking Stories

January 21, 2013

Cheeky-Spanking-Stories-Bussel-Rachel-9781573448185Every Monday, The CSPH takes a look at a book or film focusing on an aspect of sexuality. This week we are featuring the book Cheeky Spanking Stories, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.
A smarting collection composed of twenty-three stories, each by a different author, Cheeky Spanking Stories offers a variety of diverse stories, even though they all center around the same act of spankings, either as punishment or given as a gift. Though some of the pairings feature the typical heterosexual model with the male partner being the spanker, there are also stories that include the woman spanking, multiple people involved, and three stories with just women. In general, the characters vary between college-aged and older individuals, queer and straight, and partners and new acquaintances. Unfortunately, as varied as the stories are, there are no stories solely composed of two men. Also, as this is erotica, all of the spankings are sexualized.
Most of these stories focus more on the woman’s point of view, which may be a turnoff for some readers. A few of the stories describe the characters’ appearance, but most do not, and allow for fantasizing about one’s ideal partner(s). While these stories range from being pretty unbelievable to completely realistic, it is refreshing to see safe words mentioned—and used—in erotica along with condoms. As for spanking implements, hands show up most often, but there are also paddles, floggers, a whip, and a cane. For perspective, a few of these stories are written in the second-person so you can insert yourself to the story, though most of them are written in third-person. The stories are fairly quick to read, and are on average nine pages, making them perfect for a little break. Though all the stories can be read together in one go, given all the authors’ different tones, one may enjoy the stories more on their own.
Rachel Kramer Bussel also edited Spanked, another anthology of spanking stories. Cheeky Spanking Stories is a shade darker than Spanked with touches of verbal humiliation in some stories, and though it’s not always as realistic, I found it to be a more diverse and interesting collection. I would recommend Cheeky Spanking Stories to anyone from those newly intrigued by the idea of spanking to those that have worn out their spanking imagination.

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