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Monday Reviews: Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out!

January 28, 2013

SevenMinsHeavenComingOut_HR-715x1024Every Monday, The CSPH takes a look at a book or film focusing on an aspect of sexuality. This week we are featuring the film Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out!, directed by Courtney Trouble.
Courtney Trouble is a filmmaker, adult performer, photographer, and creator of IndiePornRevolution.com, QueerPorn.tv, TROUBLEfilms, and fourteen full-length films. Reel Queer Productions—known for specializing in filming edgy, queer sex and culture while being inclusive of the multitude of sexualities that identify as queer—produced Seven Minutes in Heaven, a queer gonzo film with an all amateur cast, featuring Carson, Puck Goodfellow, Tina Horn, Jae, Joline Parton, Sarah Lee Sinful, and Sophia. Not only are these attractive actors of different body shapes and races, but they also have varying levels of experience in front of a camera, from those with numerous prior experiences to those performing for the first time. All of the actors are women, with the exception of a transman.
This film is rather light on plot, opening with a game of spin the bottle, before focusing more on the reality porn aspect. The unscripted action includes one-on-one and group scenes, and actors use gloves and condoms throughout this film. Plenty of toys are used throughout, and there is quite a bit of spanking. Though the film certainly tilts towards the kinky crowd—before even mentioning the bootlicking scene—I think anyone could enjoy this film.
Due to the variety of combinations of actors, toys, and positions, there’s likely to be some scenes you enjoy. Some pairings are stronger than others; I found Puck and Sophia to be especially awesome and adorable together. The scenes vary from being lighthearted and goofy to rather intense. Between scenes, actors are interviewed about this experience so the viewer gets an inside view to the action. Background music by various artists played throughout the film, including some grrl punk rock that some viewers may especially enjoy.
Seven Minutes in Heaven is a hot queer film that may add a little more excitement to your sexy times. Other films in the reality porn genre are Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry and Kelly Shibari’s Overloaded, if you’d like to explore something different from, and possibly more exciting than “mainstream” porn.

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