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Monday Reviews: Your Pleasure Map By Shanna Katz, MEd/ACS

October 27, 2014
Chanelle Adams, Contributor to The CSPH

18114447Every Monday, The CSPH takes a look at a book or film focusing on an aspect of sexuality. This week we are featuring the book “>Your Pleasure Map: A Woman’s Q&A Guide to Hotter, Naughtier, More Adventurous Sex by Shanna Katz, M.ED, ACS.

Tired of re-reading all the same heterocentric sex tips focused on male pleasure, Katz decided it was time to write a sexually empowering book for all women. Despite the potentially misleading cover image, this book aims to be inclusive of all relationship statuses, orientations, ages, economic statuses, ability levels, and races.

Reading just like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story, this book allows you to skip to the juicy parts to follow scenarios and outcomes to your utmost desire. The language is easy to understand and clearly gets across the message of sex-positivity. Ranging from G to PG-13 to X-rated, the tips and tricks are suited for a wide diversity of needs. It covers everything from first dates, to watching porn, and using riding crops to spice things up.

Additionally, the book provides introductory guides to readers on topics such as female ejaculation, using sex toys, fantasies, bondage, and other sexy time activities. With an emphasis on being both comfortable and adventurous, the book takes on the role of an encouraging best friend who has your best interests in mind. It even breaches the topic of how to bring up these topics with your partner(s).

Throughout the book, Katz offers ways to adapt and alter portions of the book to make sure all women reading the book are empowered to have pleasurable sex. After all, the entire emphasis of the book is to get out of it what you want.

While the book can be read from cover to cover, you can pick a section that intrigues you and start there. It’s not a very long book,and could be read through in a matter of hours; however, you may want to read certain sections repeatedly as there are many questions to answer and, as your circumstances change, so may the sections upon which you wish to focus.

While parts of the book resemble a cheesy survey from a pop magazine, it still manages to slip in useful information, facts, and tips. Not only would I recommend this book for women, but also that they offer to share it with their partner(s) regardless of gender and sexuality. Readers of all experiences can benefit from Katz’s tips on communicating desires and needs. The no-nonsense, down and dirty tone to the writing is easy to follow and reflects the guide’s attitude towards pleasure: that you deserve to get out of it exactly what you want.

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