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Press Center

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health works to provide a balanced viewpoint for Americans on sexuality related issues. The media oftentimes can be one-sided, and through commentary and discussion, the CSPH’s staff wishes to offer a unique, informed, and sex-positive perspective on topics relating to sexuality that the media often warps and sensationalizes. Ms. Andelloux has been interviewed and published in numerous media sources on a local and international level, and The CSPH has provided informed and lively commentary in a variety of media outlets, including The ACLU, ABC News, Fox Media, and NBC.

The Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health recognizes that to train the next generation of sexuality educators, focusing on the media’s role in public perception of the issues is vital. Through our attendance of events and our writing and appraising of peer-reviewed articles, we wish to be a role-model for others wishing to explore sexuality in a fully informed way.

If you have any inquiries on the following subjects relevant to The CSPH, please contact us by phone or through email:

  • Sex trends
  • Sexual fears and anti-sex policies
  • Sexual advocacy issues
  • Sexuality education
  • Concerns relating to sexuality issues
  • Prostitution and/or sex-work
  • Sex and medicine
  • Sexual compulsion and pornography
  • Safer sex issues

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