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Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) Seminars

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

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The next SAR at The CSPH is scheduled for June 26-28, 2015.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health invites professionals, students, health-care providers, and anyone interested in reflecting on and gaining awareness about sexuality-related issues to its Sexual Attitude Reassessment Seminar (SAR). The CSPH SAR will be a three-day intensive seminar that, through media integration and a variety of interactive activities and discussions, assists participants in the self-evaluation of their feelings, values, and attitudes as these relate to the variety of human sexual behavior.

The SAR is a basic requirement for those who wish to become certified as sexuality educators, counselors, or therapists, but it can also benefit people in a range of other professions. The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) suggests that this experience occur early in one’s training so it can be most beneficial to one’s understanding personal biases and values while working with sexually-diverse populations.

This program is pending approval to meet the attitude and values training requirement for certification by AASECT and is approved for CE Credits (provider #10-108H).

While sexually explicit media, conversations, and small group discussions are part of the SAR, there is no live nudity or sexual activity included (or permitted) in the program. If you have any questions about the program and/or its structure, please call the CSPH or email us at info@thecsph.org.

Pre-registration for these seminars is required.

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I just wanted to do a shout-out of thanks, publicly, to our own Joe Winn and Megan Andelloux who conducted the most amazing SAR here at Northampton Sex Therapy Associates over the past weekend. Viewing a vast spectrum of human sexual behavior and perspectives through the lens of intersectionality, Joe and Megan respectfully and skilfully held together a large, diverse group of people – with enormous outpourings of feelings of grief, loss, joy, anger, horror, revulsion, thrill, delight and bewilderment present in the room – and I don’t believe anybody left our center without feeling that their world view had just experienced a major paradigm shift. If you ever get a chance to attend a SAR led by Megan and Joe, SEIZE the opportunity. This was my third SAR and, without doubt, the BEST one so far. Kudos to both of you, M and J, for the work you did. Iam so grateful to you both for the work that you did with us all.

Jassy Timberlake, M.Ed., LMFT, AASECT
 Northampton Sex Therapy Associates


Being a naturally sensitive and emotional person, I went into the SAR a little nervous about what to expect. As emotional and challenging as some of the topics were to process, what I gained from the SAR was even greater. I left with a plethora of knowledge about a wide variety of topics (even some that I thought I knew a lot about!) and had the amazing opportunity to learn about these topics through discussions with a group of non-judgmental and supportive individuals. I left on Sunday night with a much clearer awareness of the people that I hope to work with as a sex therapist, and a greater insight into the topics that truly move me. I believe that the education I received from the SAR will help me in many aspects of my life–not just in a future career.

CSPH SAR Participant


Participating in The CSPH SAR was one of the most rewarding, thought-provoking seminar experiences of my life. I was stimulated and challenged both intellectually and emotionally, and was really encouraged to understand my feelings, values, and beliefs in a safer space designed for this type of self-reflection. The use of multimedia was especially effective, and at the end of each day, I found myself brimming with information. It was overwhelming, exhausting, and emotional, and I would repeat the experience in a heartbeat.

CSPH SAR Participant


The SAR brought my attention to issues that I had not previously considered, let alone thought I would react to physically and/or emotionally. It was remarkable experiencing this type of learning and self-discovery in room of like-minded individuals who were experiencing the same things I was. Along these lines, it was incredible seeing how people reacted to different things – which really illustrated how different things impact different people.

CSPH SAR Participant


The SAR that I completed in October of 2011 opened my eyes to a lot of different topics, and different ways of thinking about those topics and frankly changed my life. That might seem a bit dramatic or exaggerated but it’s the only way I can really describe the experience. It was the only time in my life I had been on such an emotional and mental rollercoaster for three days with a group of people that I did not know extremely well. By far this SAR I will look back on as a huge turning point in my life.

CSPH SAR Participant


The name ‘Sexual Attitude Reassessment’ falls short of what I experienced at the SAR. For me, it was an enlightenment that anything I know is subject to question with new information. It forced me to address, analyze, and critique why I hold some of my strongest views about sexuality and decide whether I have a valid defense for my beliefs. With that, it did not only improve my skills as a sexuality professional, but it has made me a better advocate for every stance I choose to maintain.

CSPH SAR Participant


Going into the SAR, I felt pretty knowledgeable about sex and sexuality. But by the final day of seminar, my mind had bent and forced to consider many things I had never thought about before. Participating in this intensive, 3 day attitude reassessment helped me realize both my strengths as an educator and my hard limits. The experience made me a significantly better and more informed educator.

CSPH SAR Participant


As someone who helped put the SAR together, I knew most of what I was in for in terms of topics, films, and activities. Still, the experience was surprising, rewarding, and enriching. A 3-day SAR, such as this one, is very powerful because it’s not just about the new factual knowledge one can learn, but about that in addition to the experience of sharing intense discussions and potentially challenging topics with a group of colleagues. I wholeheartedly believe the strong multimedia component was part of why this was such a successful SAR, and think that the pairing of an educator and a therapist as a facilitation team was a stroke of genius. It balanced out the approaches and methodologies so that there was a little bit of everything.

CSPH SAR Participant


The facilitators were able to read the emotions in the room and respond to it. They kept us in our bodies and feelings, but allowed us some time in our heads so we could manage all the other feelings.

CSPH SAR Participant


As a growing sexuality educator with experience discussing most of the topics covered in the SAR, I did not know what to expect coming in. Would I learn any information I hadn’t known before? Would it be too slow or simplistic? What I discovered over the next three days was that even as I was exposed to facts and experiences that I was already familiar with, the combination of video media and group processing forced me to tap into these issues emotionally, rather than cerebrally. I could not have told you before entering the SAR how much difference this would make to the way I now view and approach sexuality: it made me more aware of my own inner workings, more emotionally open, and more conscious of the struggles people face in the explorations of their own sexuality. I am a more intimate and developed person today for it. Some advice: Don’t even bother signing up for a SAR that runs for one day. Come in prepared to talk about what you feel and where you feel it, as opposed to just what you think about it. Allow yourself to be vulnerable when you are ready for it; understand that the SAR is about growing as a community and a group, in addition to growing as an individual.

CSPH SAR Participant


The CSPH SAR exceeded all of my expectations–It was intense, thought-provoking and informative. I have been fortunate enough to receive extensive sex/sexuality-relating training and experience so I didn’t encounter new topics or information, but I gained extremely valuable tools for processing the way I think about these issues. Rather than address sexuality intellectually or from the perspective of a counselor, I was encouraged in a safe space to process my own feelings and experiences. It was simultaneously overwhelming, uplifting, painful, and emotional but entirely worth it.

CSPH SAR Participant


Before walking into the SAR, I assumed I knew what I thought about sexuality, about my hang-ups, about the areas that I’m passionate about or those that completely uninterested me. But that was Friday morning. Walking out of the SAR Sunday night, I was a different person. I had discovered new possibilities for my professional focus (aging and sexuality!) and crystallized or utterly reformed my positions on so many topics I had previously never questioned. The structure of this SAR, with its three days of intensive topic immersion and group discussion, was key to this transformation. It allowed us to really form trust amongst participants, to build a community that could support each other as we found our triggers and challenge each other when we were on the verge of a true emotional connection. If you are a sexuality professional going for certification, I would highly recommend this SAR. I don’t know how any format that provides any less—be it time, information, or emotional intensity—could provide anywhere near the depth or introspection required to help us become open-minded, nonjudgmental, and empathetic counselors, educators, and therapists.

CSPH SAR Participant


The Sexual Attitude Reassessment conducted by Megan Andelloux and Joseph Winn covered a wide scope of topics that fall under the umbrella of human sexuality with knowledge, sensitivity and passion. The three day experience was enough time to really delve into the topics and our thoughts, reactions and feelings to them. The media brought on feelings of joy, sadness, guilt, disgust, arousal and more. These reactions and the discussions focusing on them were facilitated beautifully by Ms. Andelloux and Mr. Winn. I truly wanted to learn what “productive discomfort” meant to me, wanted to have a three day retreat dedicated to self-reflection, and had the desire to learn about intersectionality, and all my goals were fulfilled through this perspective-altering training. These two make an amazing team of sexuality professionals.

CSPH SAR Participant


Going into the SAR, I already felt fairly knowledgeable about most of the topics we would broach. I was eager and excited to discuss them but wondered if I would really learn anything new. I was so pleasantly surprised that by the end of the three day experience, it wasn’t the new things I had learned that had affected me so, but the new connections I had made and the new perspectives I saw on some familiar (and some not so familiar) topics. I was able to better understand how certain subject matter is interpreted by a variety of people who have been exposed to very different things, which was incredibly eye-opening. I met and discussed very personal and often intimidating topics with people who initially felt like strangers, who I ultimately felt very comfortable with. I trusted them with the treatment and care of my inner-most thoughts. It was a very bonding experience and it helped me see this field through some fresh eyes, which is always so valuable.

CSPH SAR Participant


Topics Covered

The SAR includes discussions on:

Youth and Sexuality
Body Image
Sexual Identity
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Sexuality and Aging
Sex Disasters
Sexual Medicine
Intersex Conditions
Sexuality and Disability
Sex Work
Sex Toys

All of these issues are explored under a lens of intersectionality.