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Q&A: Do you have any tips for male masturbation?

May 08, 2012

Each week, The CSPH answers questions that have been submitted anonymously through our Formspring. This week’s question is: Do you have any tips for male masturbation?

Although it is a well-known fact in our society that many people with penises masturbate, true discussion as to techniques and tips are rarely disclosed.  For this reason, some find themselves sticking to the methods they’ve utilized since first exploring masturbation.  However, this results in little variety, and some people find themselves bored with their masturbatory routine.  To spice up your experiences with masturbation (and hand-jobs!), I have the following recommendations:

First and foremost, I suggest that penis-owners who masturbate incorporate lubricants into their play, if they don’t already.  Masturbating “dry,” or without lubrication, can lead some people to masturbate with tight grips in order to stimulate themselves.  Some men report that this can result in desensitization to the physical feelings of partnered sexual activity, making it more difficult to orgasm and/or maintain erections during partnered play.  That said, not everyone requires lube to masturbate– some penis-owners use their pre-ejaculate (also known as pre-cum), while others will use spit.

Nonetheless, lubricants may add a little variety and sensation to masturbation, especially to those who don’t already use lube.  Water- and silicone-based lubes work well, and an advantage to these lubricants specifically is that they are also safe for partnered sexual activity.  As always, The CSPH recommends that people use body-safe lubes, so they should be glycerin- and paraben-free.  That said, there is a variety of penis masturbation creams, such as Gun Oil’s Stroke 29, which tend to be oil-based and therefore should not be used with latex condoms, as they erode the condom material.

As for techniques, I suggest that as you move your fist/fingers up and down around your penis, you twist your hand.  You can also try masturbating with your non-dominant hand, which may take some practice, but will provide different stimulation from what you may be used to.  Moreover, you can incorporate both your hands into your masturbatory experiences– for example, as you stroke your penis with one hand, use your other hand to play with your testicles and/or rub the head of your penis.  You can also try rubbing and pressing your perineum to stimulate your prostate externally.

Another technique is positioning one hand with your five fingers against the top of your cock’s head, and sliding your hand up and down as your fingers spread along your length.  You may find that this technique provides a rather shallow stroke, which some penis-owners prefer.  Some individuals also prefer to masturbate by cupping both hands together around the penis, fingers interlocked, and moving their hands up and down.  This is a particularly physical exercise, in that it requires you move both arms and perhaps even your hips, if you so desire.  Another two-hand technique that you may find enjoyable is using both hands on the shaft, one covering the lower shaft and the other holding the top, and twisting back and forth in opposite directions.  This technique in particular requires lubrication, as doing it without may cause irritation of the shaft’s skin.  For more information on techniques, visit The Tireless Hand, a website that provides .GIFs for ease of instruction.

That said, masturbation techniques are not restricted solely to playing with your penis– you can also incorporate anal play into your solo experiences.  It should be noted that not all anal play is penetrative, in that many people enjoy stimulating their anus with either fingers or toys.  However, many people also enjoy anal penetration, which can range from light teasing to prostate massage to full-on fucking.  While prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, is a medical procedure for men with prostate issues such as prostatitis, it is also a pleasurable experience that entails rubbing the prostate for stimulation.  To find your prostate with your fingers, insert one or two (depending on your comfort level) into your ass in a position that allows you to curl your fingers in the direction of your belly.  Towards your belly is where your prostate lies, usually a couple of inches within the rectum.  Initially, you might find that you lose your erection upon first stimulating your prostate.  This is completely natural, and requires only that you continue playing with your penis to regain an erection.

If you’re interested in playing with your butt but are worried about poo, I recommend pursuing this activity in the shower, following a thorough cleaning of the asshole.  While fecal matter is not stored within the rectum unless a bowel movement is imminent, some find that anal play in the shower particularly assuages their concerns about cleanliness.

Lastly, some people find that incorporating sex toys into their masturbation to be incredibly exciting and pleasurable.  There is a multitude of masturbation sleeves that can be bought online or at your local sex toy shops.  These masturbation sleeves can be reusable, such as the Fleshlight, or they can be intended for single-use, such as Tenga Eggs. Masturbation sleeves come in a wide variety of sizes, textures, and materials, so you may want to do some research and read reviews before opting for a specific one.

Another category of toys you can incorporate into masturbation are general anal toys, such as butt-plugs and dildos, and prostate stimulators specifically, such as the Aneros toy line.  Some individuals also enjoy utilizing vibrators, either within their butt or to play with the sensitive nerve endings along the anus.  That said, before you stick anything in your butt, it’s absolutely important for the toy to be butt-friendly– the toy should have a base, which will prevent your body from swallowing the entire object.  If an object is stuck in your butt and you are unable to remove it, you should seek immediate medical attention.  While some may find this embarrassing, it’s important to remember that medical professionals are trained and experienced in handling these situations.  Not only is this their job, but these issues are surprisingly common.

6 Responses to “Q&A: Do you have any tips for male masturbation?”

  1. Wally Muese says:

    This whole question of lube / no lube is not an issue for intact men. Circumcised guys have no mobile slinky sheath of skin, but intact men can get a sumptuous frictionless massage by just manipulating the foreskin over the shaft and glans. And the foreskin itself has so many specialized pleasure-receptive nerve endings that two-thirds of intact men report they can orgasm without glans contact, tickling only the foreskin and frenulum.

    • Gypsy Vidal says:

      I wouldn’t say that lube/no lube isn’t an issue for those who aren’t circumcised. Intact penises can also benefit from lubrication for the additional sensations, and furthermore, degrees of circumcision vary– some circumcised men are able to masturbate using only the skin of their shaft.

  2. Spokeupmymind says:

    Using a lubricant for male masturbation can enhance pleasure. From my personal experience, I ‘m a male, uncircumcised, lube reduces friction and and therefore increase smoothness of your skin. The sensitivity deepens with moisture and it doesn’t jump from level 0 to level 90 like it is the case without any lubrication. Instead, you can now slow down the speed of sensation, break in between those sensitivity levels and enjoy more pleasure by slowing down your movements and even last longer. You now have more control because you can feel those sensations better and this allows for more exploration for those pleasure spots. Therefore, whatever the case, using lubrication in masturbation is very helpful if you want more pleasure. Another big benefit, you will be less fatigued with a lube after you are done. I myself use the k y jelly [the one that comes in an old-fashioned toothpaste-like 82g tube with blue-white colored box, description in multiple languages on its 4 faces]. It is transparent, non-greasy, odorless, tasteless, water-soluble and a little thick liquid. Have a pea-sized drop or a bit more of it. It dries fast, so keep a little warm water ready to revive it with a wet hand. After you’re done just wash off with water. It actually works much better than the ‘dry’ mode. Try it.

  3. Michael Harrington says:

    A quick tip…. the best thing for irritated penis skin is a penis health creme. These cremes are designed specifically for the penis and help with dryness, cracking, flakiness etc. These cremes are easy to use, safe and highly effective. Just thought I’d share this info. Cheers.

  4. Knut Holt says:

    The anal area can also be masturbated, either alone or combined with penile masturbation. In this area even very gentle caresses with your fingers can give intense feelings. Try first very gently to split your buttock cleft open by using your fingers near your anus. Even this simple action can give intense feelings, Then caress the inside of your buttocks and then your anus with finger movments back and forth or with circulating movements. Relaxing the rest of your body while doing this intensify the feelings.

  5. Anastasia Cruz says:

    A way better way to use the showe head: Unscrew the head from the hose and use the stream of water from the hose, at close distance. But a WAY better is to use the same when you are in a tub full of water; or in a huge basin if you have only shower. When your parts are covered in warm water, the strean of water under the water will give you a quick orgasm. I’ve stolen this amazing idea on iwantucams_com/search/model/kinks/foot Try this, great fun.