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Q&A: Masturbation sleeves for trans men

October 09, 2012

Each week, The CSPH answers questions that have been submitted anonymously through Formspring. This week’s question is:

Is there a masturbation sleeve similar to the fleshlight for transmen?

While the market for masturbation sleeves for penis-owners is ever-growing, the unfortunate truth is that many of these sleeves are likely neither created nor suitable for trans men.  With that said, I do have a few of recommendations!

First and foremost, I would suggest looking into Tenga Eggs, which are made of elastomer (a porous phthalate- and latex-free material that is super-pliable and stretchy).  Tenga Eggs mold to the penis, and an individual can increase or decrease sensation and tightness by squeezing or loosening their hand.  Furthermore, the design of the toy allows it to stretch over a variety of lengths, making this toy ideal for people of a wide range of penis sizes.  The Tenga Eggs’ versatile design also allows the individual to turn the egg inside out and use the textured surface to massage cocks and vulvas.

The Etsy manufacturer A Krow’s Nest makes fantasy toys made out of silicone and have an “eel” which is a stroker designed for “pre-op transmen undergoing HRT or anyone with a large clit”. They have an opening on each side; one larger and one smaller, so you can choose based on what fits your body best.

Next, FtM Pitstop makes a stroker made from medical-grade platinum silicone called the Shotpocket. This material makes it non-porous, non-toxic, and body-safe.


Another masturbation sleeve that may be suitable for trans men, though not designed exclusively for them, is the Bro Sleeve, which is 2.0 inches long.  The toy’s size makes it a good option for those with smaller-than-average penises, and depending on the penis length, can be used in conjunction with oral sex.  Made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber), the Bro Sleeve is phthalate-free but porous, so it should not be shared between sexual partners without the use of a barrier.

My final recommendation is that you consider creating your own masturbation sleeve.  Do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches to sex toys and other gear are becoming more popular, in part due to the Internet facilitating the sharing of information and advice amongst whole communities of people.  The Self-Made Men hosts its own DIY guide for an FtM Masturbation Device, while also discussing how to take care of one’s cock(s), safer sex for trans guys, and having penetrative “sex with your biological anatomy.”

While masturbation sleeves that are created or otherwise suitable for trans men are uncommon, there is still a wide variety of other sex toys you may enjoy.  For example, the Good Vibes Shopping Guide for FtM & Transmen features a number of dildos, soft packs, harnesses, and even some suction toys.  Suction toys are a great way to incorporate the feeling of having one’s dick sucked into one’s self-love.

If The CSPH Q&A readers have any suggestions as to other toys that are trans man-friendly, whether DIY or store-bought, please feel free to leave a comment or message!

Other resources for trans men include:

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