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Q&A: To Swallow or Not to Swallow

December 17, 2013

qandaEach week, The CSPH answers questions asked on our site and through social media outlets like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. This week’s questions are:

How can I swallow semen without gagging?

Gagging is triggered when your body thinks something is harmful and doesn’t belong inside your body. Semen has a very distinctive flavor and texture, and many people have an immediate repulsive reaction to this bodily fluid, as with other natural juices. Healthy semen often tastes salty and a bit sour, has a bleach-like odor, and is mostly white in color; however, the taste and texture of semen for every penis-owner is different. Some people have an easier time swallowing semen, especially when they are aroused. While a person may not find the taste of one partner’s semen very appealing, they may swallow a different partner’s semen effortlessly. However, for most, it is an acquired taste and texture.

You can’t stop the gagging until you can stop your brain from thinking that semen is gross. Healthy semen does not contain germs or any harmful substances and is safe for the body, though occasionally some people develop a semen allergy. Getting yourself acclimated to the taste is a first step. Instead of trying to swallow a mouthful, try tasting the your partner’s lava in small amounts. You can gradually increase the amount or brave it and swallow larger quantities of semen until you feel you’ve reached your limit. When semen is out in the air for a few minutes, it not only loses its bleach-like smell but also the texture become more watery and less slimy.

The deeper the penis is inside the mouth, the faster you will swallow it and the less your taste buds would have to deal with it. However, inserting a penis deep inside the throat could also trigger a gag reflex. Try using flavored lube to mask the taste or take a mint or candy to wash away the taste right after swallowing.

If you don’t want to swallow, what are your other options?

Nobody should feel that they are required to swallow semen. There is nothing wrong with communicating to your partner that you do not like the taste of their hot load. Have your partner wear a condom to safely enjoy oral sex and not worry about tasting semen. If STIs are not of concern and you do not wish to use a condom, you can ask your partner to inform you before ejaculation so that you can remove your mouth. You can always finish them off by hand, stimulate the shaft or the frenulum, or simply let them take over. Check out our Q&A, Safer Oral Sex, for more information on health risks of oral sex.

If you accidentally get semen in your mouth, feel free to spit it back on the penis or in a napkin. Your experience of oral sex is just as important as your partner’s, and if swallowing spunk is going to diminish it, then you have every right to prevent that.

How do I encourage swallowing? (If my partner doesn’t like semen)   

You can always communicate to your partner what you do or don’t like when it comes to sex. Beyond that point, it is entirely up to your partner whether or not they would like to accommodate you. Swallowing semen is a challenging step for many people and it may take time and effort for them to get used to it. Check out our Q&A, How do I get my partner to be more sexually adventurous?, for tips on communicating the matter to your partner.

Also, before encouraging others to swallow your nut butter, try tasting or swallowing it yourself. You may then have a better idea of what you are asking your partner to do. Please do not insist or guilt your partner into swallowing your splooge. Whether or not they choose to swallow your jizz does not necessarily reflect on how much they are enjoying having sex with you.

Do vegans have issues with swallowing semen?

Not all vegans have the same reason for their dietary preferences. While some vegans are against animal cruelty, others may choose the diet for its health benefits. Don’t assume that because someone is a vegan, they have an issue with your baby batter. The fact is, most people avoid eating this uniquely-flavored treat. If your partner happens to be a vegan and not like your chowder, chances are they just don’t like the taste or texture of it. You can always respectfully ask them as well.

What foods can make vaginal fluid/cum taste better?

There is no evidence of any substances that could improve the taste of bodily fluids of the genitals, however certain food and life habits have been linked to worsening the taste. Some examples include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and so on. Generally speaking, eating healthy can help reduce the pungent taste and improve the smell of healthy bodily fluids. A good way to know is to experiment. Here is a good list (it is written for semen taste but you could try it for vaginal fluids as well) to start with, and experiment with eliminating some foods or habits to possibly help your cum taste better.

In some cases, the bad smell could be because of an infection or health problem. Fishy or sweet semen as well as a yellowish color are all alarming. Vaginal fluids generally have a mild fishy smell and sour taste, but strong odor could indicate a bacterial imbalance. If you think your sexy juices smell too strong or are discolored, consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of infections.

If you are still dissatisfied despite your efforts to make yourself taste like roses, don’t give up: flavored lubes can save the day. These days, you can find anything from strawberry-flavored lube to bacon-flavored lube in the average market. Make sure to taste the lube before purchasing it. Also, check out our lube guide, How to Pick & Find Lube?, for more information.

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