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Sex Ed Squad

Join the Sex ed squadComprehensive, medically-accurate, and pleasure-inclusive sex education for adults can be challenging for traditional funders and grant giving foundations to swallow. But the CSPH, like the World Health Organization, understands that sexual health is not only the absence of disease, but also the capacity to experience pleasure.

When you join the Sex Ed Squad you allow the CSPH to continue offering programs, workshops, and events that create a safe space for sexuality discourse as well as make these services more accessible through sliding scale and scholarship options.

PLUS, you’ll get totally rad perks like a Sex Ed Squad reusable tote, a digital copy of our series The CSPH Guide to Sex Toys, and 10% off all purchases from the CSPH Store. #SquadGoals. Check out the perks below and choose the level that’s right for you!

The Sex Ed Squad Benefit list

Want to make a one-time donation or find out other ways to support the CSPH? Support sex education here!