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The Study Sex College Tour

SSCT Email HeaderThe Study Sex College Tour (SSCT) is an educational initiative that works to facilitate learning about sexuality, from a sex-positive perspective, to support the sexual health and satisfaction of the college communities we partner with. As we begin our 6th year of the SSCT we are excited to announce plans to grow and expand our educational offerings by adding new educators, new workshop topics, and of course, new prizes!


Megan Andelloux started the SSCT as the sole educator in 2009.  Since then, the demand for her expertise and unique style of education has far exceeded her capacity. Turns out she can’t be everywhere at once, no matter how hard she tries! This year Megan has hand picked and trained 3 new experienced sexuality educators to carry on The Study Sex College Tour. We are thrilled to welcome them and hope you have the opportunity to bring their knowledge, energy, and passion to your campus!

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What's Included in my SSCT workshops?

  • 2 hours of informative, entertaining sex education: Our SSCT educators specialize in making the awkward conversations that come along with sexuality accessible and fun through humor, pop culture references, and audience participation. Don’t worry, though, everything we teach has a heavy background in research and best practices for safer sexual adventuring.

  • Condoms, lube, and informational materials: With the support of our SSCT sponsors, we are able to bring safer sex supplies and samples for participants to take home. We also make sure to include our “Fast Facts about Sex” and “Understanding Lubrication” pamphlets for some light, study-break reading.
  • SSCT giveaways!:  Want a way to show off your newly acquired sexual acumen? Stickers, cheat sheets, door hangers…We are always coming up with new things to let you show your participant pride!
  • The chance to win a variety of sexual enhancement devices:  Unlike the lottery, you are almost guaranteed to go home with something. Our sponsors provide their wares for us to give out du
    ring the presentation to our participants. It could be a flogger, a vibrator, or an adorable anthropomorphic STI, but it’s winner’s choice on our prize table.
  • The opportunity to have your Sex Questions answered by one of ourexpert educators:  Have some burning curiosity? There are opportunities throughout the presentation to get the information you need. If you are on the shy side, you can also submit your questions anonymously at the beginning of the presentation. The educators also stay after the presentation if you have a private concern.

  • A special discount for The CSPH Store exclusive to SSCT participants:  Participants will be given a code for 15% off their first purchase from the CSPH store!

happy toys! yay!

  • Entry into the SSCT Smarties Contest:  The school that scores the most participation points will be sent an end of season bonus box including extra safer sex supplies and lube samples as well as one of each item highlighted by our sponsors…to do with whatever the sponsoring group deems fit.

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