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The SSCT Smarties Contest

The SSCT Smarties ContestThis year, we are reviving the SSCT Smarties contest! When you bring The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health to your college campus for a lecture or workshop, you can rejoice in knowing you’re your attendees will be receiving sex positive, empowering, medically accurate information delivered to the crowd in a fun, and approachable way. And while that’s reason enough to be excited, there’s more!

Your school will automatically be entered into the SSCT Smarties contest.

What does this mean?

You are going to get a lot of things and can potentially win a whole lot of swag.

What kind of things can you win? Lots of things! Fun and fabulous things! Our SSCT sponsors will make sure that there will be something for everyone regardless of whether they are single or partnered, monogamous, polyamorous, into solo sex or sex with partners. From kegel balls to cock rings to condoms & lube, there is something for everyBODY in the SSCT Smarties prize box!

 How do I enter SSCT Smarties?

Step 1: Contact The CSPH to bring one of our fabulous SSCT educators to your school. Student groups can work together, and even work with the administration to find the best workshop for your school’s needs. Every workshop is custom tailored to the needs of your campus.

Step 2: Stay connected with The CSPH before your SSCT workshop! Tweet at us, tag us on Instagram with pictures of all the posters on campus, tag us in your Facebook event and invite the SSCT educators! Show us how you’re promoting your SSCT Workshop and reaching out on your campus!

Step 3: Make sure you are on top of logistics! If you your school is more than two hours away from Rhode Island, make sure to provide The CSPH with a mailing address where we can ship the goodies every participant can receive at least three weeks ahead of time. Be excited for that box! It will contain lube, door hangers, condoms, and some secret big prizes for lucky participants throughout the evening and more. You’ll earn extra credit for practicing your communication skills, and since we aren’t with you during this process, email communication means a lot! The more communication the better.

Step 4: Get people to your event. Poster, flier, chalk your campus, stand on tables in the cafeteria, get the event on e-blasts; whatever it takes to let your campus community know about the Study Sex College Tour Workshop. Additional points can be obtained for your school based on the participation on the crowd (amongst other things).


What happens if I win the SSCT Smarties Contest?

If your group wins, you will receive an e-mail of congratulations, and it will be necessary to provide The CSPH with an address to send the basket of goodies off! Products that are sent to you can be distributed however the group wishes.

Former Study Sex College Tour winners include: Tufts University, Vassar College, Brandeis University and University of Tennessee. What does this mean? The audiences were lively, engaged and the students who set up the programs were on top of their game in regards to program planning.

Where do we get these delicious toys?

From our WONDERFUL SSCT Sponsors!

Prizes will be awarded based on the following point system:

1 point each: (Possible: 35 Points)

  •  Tweets using #ssct15 @thecsph with the event info (school name, time, and location) prior to the event. (Limit 10)
  • Pictures of posters and flyers around campus (limit of 5)
  • Tweets, FB statuses, IG posts, or tumblr posts from students on campus after the event (limit 20). Must include #SSCT15, @thecsph (or tagging The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health on Facebook/#thecsph on Tumblr), and the name of the school.

2 points each: (Possible: 50 Points)

  •  Pictures posted to IG with #ssct15 @thecsph taken during the event. (Limit 5)
  • Articles about the workshop/The CSPH in school and local media (Limit 5)
  • Tweets, FB statuses, IG posts, or tumblr posts from students on campus prior to the event (Limit 15). Must include #SSCT15, @thecsph (or tagging The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health on Facebook/ #thecsph on Tumblr), and the name of the school.

5 points each: (Possible: 15 Points)

  • Event booked more than 3 month in advance.
  • Photo of the organizing group with the presenter.
  • Facebook event for the workshop linked to The CSPH Facebook page.

Total Points Possible: 100 points

SSCT Extra Credit

 The SSCT educators will be able to award up to 20 additional points to each school for audience participation, engagement, and enthusiasm, clarity of communication, ease of set up for the workshop (but let’s be honest, it’s mostly about that first part).