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Week in Review: Week of October 14, 2016

October 14, 2016
Mx. Nillin Dennison

Every Friday, The CSPH shares stories, reports, and headlines focusing on sexuality, gender, sexual health, sexual politics, and more that we’ve come across during the week. These may be stories we found to be controversial, thought-provoking, or just plain interesting. Without further ado, here is the roundup for the week of October 14th, 2016!


To kick things off, Fusion reports that a nationwide shortage of injectable estrogen is causing a medical crisis for trans women, as well as all femme leaning gender diverse folk, who rely on those injections as part of their hormone reassignment therapy (HRT). Why the heck aren’t people, especially queer rights organizations, talking about this?

Also from Fusion (good job, Fusion!), here’s a great read on the stigmatization, legal complications, and general difficulties of coming out as poly, or non-monogamous, in a monogamous society.

If you see a sex toy deal on ebay or Amazon that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Counterfeit sex toys have become a major issue for online shoppers and retailers. Made with cheap, potentially toxic and harmful material, counterfeit toys have flooded online markets and pose a risk of personal injury and/or health complications. So, shop smart! Learn about body safe toys and buy from safe retailers, like the CSPH store! [Ohhh no we didn’t!]

In news you may have missed, a new quarterly released feminist porn magazine called Math Magazine is making some pretty big waves both within and outside of the adult entertainment industry for its kink and queer friendly content. First time founder, publisher, and editor of Math, Mackenzie, recently spoke at length with Dr. Timaree on the Sex With Timaree podcast.

Emmeline Peaches had an outstanding interview with adult performer Endza Adair about feminist pornography, juggling sex work with going to school, sex performers rights, and Prop 60.

Finally, we highly recommend that you check out this short Vice video featuring “looners”; people with a sexual fetish for blowing, rubbing, and/or popping balloons. If you’d like to learn more about looners and their community, please visit Looners United.

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