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TGIF: Week of February 5, 2016

February 05, 2016
The Posting Maven

Every Friday, The CSPH shares stories, reports, and headlines focusing on sexuality, gender, sexual health, sexual politics, and more that we’ve come across during the week. These may be stories we found to be controversial, thought-provoking, or just plain interesting! Without further ado, here is the roundup for the week of February 5th!

TGIF week of february 5th, 2016. PIcture shows the Tinder flame logo as comedy and tragedy masks, a blue pill that says gilead, and a pair of boxer short underwaer printed with rainbow gummi bears

Back in September, Tinder found themselves at odds with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation after a new series of advertisements were released linking the app and STI prevalence. This very quickly turned into a lawsuit, and recently a resolution was reached; AIDS Healthcare Foundation will take down the billboards, if/when Tinder starts promoting safer sex practices and STI testing services. Though not featured on the app itself just yet, Tinder now has a page on their site that enables its users to find a local STI screening clinic near them.

PEP and PrEP have already been proven to greatly reduce the risk of HIV transmission. Using Truvada as a post-exposure safety net (PEP) has been approved, but the NHS has been dragging its heels on approving the daily pill. To combat this, some folks have taken to “clinic hopping,” moving from one doctor to another and repeating the tale of their accident, building up a stock of the medicine they need.

Do you know the history of edible underwear? SheBop uncovers the mystery behind  edible sex accessories. Fun fact: the majority of sales are intended as gag gifts and not for actual play, who would have guessed? Perhaps one day there will be a flood of farm-to-table, organic treats and toys to decorate bodies with.

True or false: being sex-positive means that you must be into kink? False! While lovely for those who enjoy them, restraints and leather are by no means a requirement for enjoyable sex. Learn all about it with this sweet comic by Ronnie Ritchie.

Kristen King recounts the tale of a tinder date that, technically, went ‘right.’ Right up until it didn’t. King shares her thoughts from the moment as well as her reflections on the encounter afterwards. Her story paints a painfully clear portrait of one of the most-cited anxieties regarding internet dating. [CW for non-consent, first person POV account]

Autostraddle’s Caitlin Crawshaw describes how a wedding band is not always necessary for a happy family and happy life. Back when she was small, she never had a desire to get married, but sort of figured it would come up later. Now, she passes the question on to her own daughter, who is far more preoccupied with getting a glass of milk, and couldn’t care less about whether her moms are married or not.

Happy Friday, folks! Drop by next week for another TGIF roundup.

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