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LGBTQIA Resources

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, or Asexual (affectionately known as Alphabet Soup) – The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health stands behind the right of individuals to love who they want to love and identify how they want to identify. (You can read our expanded stances on this on our Mission and Values page.)

Be it through marriage, commitment, celibacy, domestic partnership, polyamorous configurations, open relationships, or something not named here, everyone (as adults) has the right to define how they want to consensually enter into a relationship or not enter into one. One format does not fit everyone. The CSPH is committed to creating a safe environment for people to disclose their personal relationships or identities.

[Note: This page is currently under construction!]

In the meantime, please see the relevant posts tagged “LGBTQ” + “asexuality” + “sexual orientation” + “intersex” and more on our blog, (a mix of book/film reviews, conferences, educational posts, and more). For even further information, you can also peruse our Tumblr page and search for similar tags there!