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Sex and Aging


At the CSPH, we believe it is imperative to celebrate sexuality throughout the entire lifespan. We recognize that with aging comes change in many aspects of life, including sexuality. We strive to provide resources to accommodate these changes and enhance the sexual lives of folks as they age. We want to assert that sexuality is not something that ceases to exist at a certain age and we believe that accurate information should be available for folks at every life stage.

By including resources here, we are not necessarily endorsing all the information provided, so please check sources and make your own decisions about the content. Furthermore, not all of these necessarily have entirely friendly language, but might have important facts/good suggestions, so they are included. If you have any resources to add to this list, or have any concerns about the information listed here, please email aida@thecsph.org!

The CSPH would like to give thanks and credit to SIECUS for the resources found on their Sex in Middle and Later Life Bibliography.



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