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Sex and Cancer

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Aside from the resources listed here, The CSPH holds a monthly discussion group through the Gloria Gemma Foundation facilitated by the center’s director and founder, Megan Andelloux (CSE, ACS).

Any medical issue can affect sexual desire and abilities, but cancer and cancer treatment can create challenges that can make enjoying sexuality even harder. If you’re living with cancer, you’re a cancer survivor, and/or your partner is, The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and the Gloria Gemma Foundation have created a space for people to safely gather to talk about sexuality related issues.

The monthly discussion group will consist of guided conversations on how to work with you or your partner’s new libido. These open conversation will help to facilitate the rediscovery of sex with your new body. Along with promoting open conversation, this group will provide an opportunity to establish a supportive community where sharing what society does not always know how to address is encouraged. Each month, Megan Andelloux, director of The CSPH, will provide suggestions, tips, and tools to make sexy time enjoyable and fun with all these changes.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is dedicated to providing resources to help you through this transition. Sexuality is a part of life and The CSPH is happy to help all individuals feel comfortable and sexy in their bodies. The group will meet once a month, from 6:30PM-8PM at the Gloria Gemma Foundation.

 View upcoming meetings on The CSPH Calendar. This discussion group is free and is open to all members of the Gloria Gemma Foundation. Coffee and bagels will be provided. For more information, visit the Gloria Gemma Foundation website.