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Sex Toy Manufacturers

Looking to purchase body-safe sex toys, but don’t know which companies you can trust?  Below is a list of companies that produce sex toys that are made of safe materials:



Aneros prostate stimulators got their start as a medical device for the treatment of prostatitis, a medical condition that causes swelling of the prostate gland.  Physicians started to give Aneros (sold under a different name) out to their patients for treatment, but much to their confusion, the patients were not returning them. After losing many of these medical devices, curious physicians started to ask, “Why are you not returning the devices?” The truth came out, men were reporting that they were experiencing amazing orgasms, different than they had ever experienced before, and they didn’t want to let go.


Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon was founded in 2008 in Arizona, “to make fantasies real” and as such produces many fabulous toys based off of animals and fantasy creatures. Their toys are made of high-grade silicone and come in a large variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. One of the most unique aspects of Bad Dragon is that their toys are all completely customizable. Not only can you choose the color, size, and firmness of your toy, but you can also add silicone tubes for injecting lube or suction cups for added fun. To make the deal even sweeter, Bad Dragon offers big discounts for miscolored toys or toys with minor cosmetic imperfections, making them a great option for people on a budget.


BMS Factory

BMS Factory makes the beautiful Leaf Collection – a set of vibrators modeled after naturally occurring ecological shapes which are designed to offer maximum pleasure in a very discreet form. Founder and CEO Steve Bannister began selling quality adult products in 1983 and since then, has made BMS Factory one of the largest international toy companies.  Along with the Leaf and Swan lines, BMS recently launched Lux Vibrators, designed with a masculine aesthetic in mind. They’ve also been the recipient of numerous awards, including the XBiz Award for Sex Toy Company of the Year.


Crystal Delights

“Crystal Delights” began as a virtual adult toy product line in the game “Second Life,” and then grew into a real-life line. After the creation of their first real life adult sex toy (the Crystal Delights Anal Plug), fans and passionate creativity inspired a slew of new offerings, all of which are handmade from high quality natural materials (and most are adorned with a sparkling Swarovski crystal!). Designed and handcrafted for the erotic toy connoisseur, each glass offering is made with safety, pleasure and the environment as top priorities. The creator is also deeply committed to supporting the community through things like fundraising for sexual education/advocacy nonprofits and donating part of their profits to cancer-related charities.


Divine Interventions

Divine Interventions certainly know how to make a dent in the psyche.  Crafting their silicone toys after the major religious figures featured in the Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu texts, these toys are certainly a better choice than any wooden items you may get your hands on. Their dedication to religious puns is even seen in other sexual aids, such as their “Holy Water Lube.”


Ergogenics Inc.

Do not judge their products by their website! The creator invented these special toys because she got frustrated with having to stop in the middle of it all and wait while her partner donned a harness, fumbling in the dark to get all strapped up, and then work even harder while feeling absolutely nothing. Since she helps the boys make their big industrial toys work better, she thought, why not make toys for girls work better, too? Her goal was to eliminate the delay caused by a standard strap-on dildo as well as provide pleasure for the driving partner, too. When form, fit, and function were finally perfected, she named the first creation Feeldoe®, because it truly does provide the real feel for both doe. Ergogenics also collaborates with Tantus to create and distribute their toys with safe, quality materials. In cases of infringement litigation, Ergogenics actually donates their profits to college funds for lesbians and children of lesbians.



Founded in 1996, Fun Factory aims to unite aesthetics, quality, and functionality with great-looking and well-made toys. In 2008, they won theReddot Design Award for the DeLight Vibrator, becoming the first company to receive a design prize for a love toy. FUN FACTORY is known for having a wide variety of toys and high standards of innovation, as well as bright toy colors like apple green. Along with dildos and vibrators, the company sells a serious of body paints and lotions through their Bodycare line that are the perfect accompaniment to their festive toys.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a small company based in Ontario that features a range of silicone toys (including vibrators and dildos), but their non phallic butt plugs are especially cute. Their commitment to environmental conservation shows in their toy manufacturing process (e.g. using sustainable, renewable, and/or carbon-neutral forms of energy) as well as their packaging (100% post consumer recycled paper and space-saving polybags). To take it even further, as part of their “environmental stewardship” mission, Happy Valley plans variety of wild trees, fruits and berries to reduce soil erosion and expand wildlife habitat in their area!


Je Joue

Launched in 2008, London-based Je Joue is passionate about empowering couples and individuals to have great sexual experiences. Inspired by pioneering ‘sex-positive’ retailers around the world, Je Joue aims to be informative, helping people to explore and understand their bodies better, and to produce beautiful sex toys that introduce people to exciting new pleasure possibilities. Keeping in line with this mission statement, JeJoue recently launched their “The G-Spot Does Exist” campaign to work with sex-positive retailers internationally and create an enhanced G-spot education program.


Jimmyjane works to redefine the context and perception of sexual well-being. Combining sophisticated product development with proprietarytechnology, their collection encourages connection and excitement without compromising style, well-being or personal values. Jimmyjane believes that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint. Rather than dictate what is sexy, they imbue each product with possibility, leaving room for exploration and interpretation. Aside from making vibrators, they also offer ceramic massagers and sensual candles!



Laid, a Norwegian company, designs and develops sensual and refined sex toys of superior quality for men, women and their partners. Their toys are elegant and minimalist, but with a clear eye on design and toy construction. While most of their products are smooth silicone, they do have a steel cock-ring and an impressive stone dildo made of polished blue pearl larkivite from Norway (a.k.a. black Norwegian moonstone). According to the company, the Laid brand “signifies edge, ease, and performance.”



Like music?  Colors?  Technology?  Heck, do you like vibration? Shake hands with OhMiBod, the manufacturer of all things that vibrate and have todo with cell phones, music, and touch screens. They even have an app in the iTunes App Store)! OhMiBod has made the world of music technology and sex-toy technology meet in a fantastic way, giving music-lovers a new way of interacting with their favorite tunes. With a variety of toy styles and sizes, there’s surely something for everyone.


Tantus, Inc is the originator of silicone toys for the mass market. They are committed to investing in body safe toys manufactured exclusively in theUSA. They are based in Sparks, Nevada, and are the largest producer of silicone toys in the United States. They produce vibrators, dildos, butt-plugs and strap-on harness kits. With sassy, creative slogans and advertising strategies, as well as a commitment to quality, Tantus is one of the leaders in the industry.


Tenga makes penises happy! All of their products are designed to bring masturbation and sexual wellness out of the shadows and into the public. As such, their toys are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, rather than with an intent to replicate the look of genitals.  Their attention to detail is what makes Tenga products truly beautiful to see and use. Not to mention, they have sassy advertising and have paired with artists to create popular, innovative products. They’re also involved in presenting masturbation and enjoying solo-sexuality as a means of curbing the spread of HIV, with proceeds from their Respect Yourself Project going to Japan’s Stop AIDS Fund.



The companionship of a good Toyfriend is not restricted to any country, race or gender… A good Toyfriend always puts a smile on your face. Toyfriend is a Swedish vibrator brand created by the design company Tickler. Their creators’ mission was to create contemporary vibrators free from stereotypes and clichés (which is why their designs are more creative than just mimicking genital shapes), and their goal is for everyone to be able to find the perfect Toyfriend for them. With a few “generations” of toys under their belt, Toyfriend vibrators are available in a range of bright colors (even yellow and blue!) and they all have a smooth, almost velvety finish.



Did you ever hear about the “Sex and the City” HBO episode that made “The Rabbit” a household name? Well you can thank Vibratex for that toy! Vibratex, Inc. is a 2nd-generation, family-owned business which formed in 1983 based on the demand for well-made, high quality vibrators for women. Their goal is to develop new designs and materials that will accommodate consumers looking for sensual, safe, well-made vibrators and pleasure toys for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Because they carry toys in a range of materials, make sure you are aware of what you’re purchasing! We would recommend the silicone and ABS plastic, of course, but would urge folks to stay away from the vinyls since those are pretty porous.


Vixen Creations

Vixen Creations has been one of the world’s premier manufacturer of quality silicone sex toys since 1992, offering a wide range of styles for dildos and anal toys. Fine art and eroticism unite in their line of handcrafted adult products, available direct via their online store or from upscale retailers. They offer an unbeatable lifetime guarantee on most of their silicone sex toys, so you can purchase with confidence. Their products have been described by satisfied customers as “top-of-the-line” and “heirloom quality,” especially when talking about their VixSkin formula toys which contain a premium silicone lubricant suspended between the molecules to give the toys more realism and greater elasticity.


Wet for Her

Wet For Her was founded in Paris, France in June of 2009. A Paris native, their CEO noticed shortsightedness within the adult novelty industry for non-phallic items specifically geared towards the queer female community. She noticed that while there was no shortage of pleasure products available for women, they all carried a set of assumptions regarding what exactly those toys should resemble, and either went in the direction of realistic penises or completely fantastical shapes. Thus, the CEO began designing a line of high-quality toys that would instead be somewhere in the middle and more aligned to the queer female community she was targeting.


Screenshot 2014-01-31 at 3.43.53 PM


Standard Innovation is a Canadian-based company that is dedicated to shaping the future of sexual health and wellness. They are best known their innovative couples toy, the We-Vibe – the first toy of its kind that was designed to fit between two bodies while having intercourse. After doing a bit of research on the concept, the founder of Standard Innovation found that many of the toys on the market were poorly made, poorly designed, and made out of toxic materials. He aimed to create a “safe, high quality, eco-friendly sexual aid that enhances the love-making experience for couples” and in 2008 the We-Vibe made its debut. The company has since expanded to offer an array of vibrating products, which can be used for coupled or solo play. The Tango is a fantastic rechargeable bullet vibe with a very strong motor and vibration pattern – making it great for folks who have diabetes. Their silicone toys are made out of medical-grade silicone, and all of their products are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. They are also eco-friendly, with all of their products manufactured in a carbon neutral process (leaving zero carbon footprint) and their packaging made out of recyclable materials.


Zini, established in Korea during 2009, pays special focus to their toys’ aesthetics. The products are chic, colorful, and curvaceous–striking a “balance between tenderness and intensity.” The Zini website shows a great attention to detail by providing extensive images and notes, with a lot of transparency about the construction, design, and materials that make the toys what they are. Our favorite detail, though, is the innovative LED-lit control panels on their vibrators, which have a different color for each vibration style, allowing users to more easily identify and remember the patterns they enjoy. A genital light-show; who could resist?! Having more recently expanded into making toys for men, we expect fun new things from Zini!