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What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that is designed to help people work through sexual issues, concerns, and/or difficulties they may be experiencing in a professional, safe, and private setting.

Frequently people want a safe space to ask vulnerable questions, address concerns they are having, and/or find ways to enhance their sexual lives. However many healthcare professionals – including counselors and therapists – do not have the training and expertise necessary to ethically and responsibly respond to these concerns. Sex therapy is a space where people can address how sexuality specific issues are impacting their mental health, relationships, personal health, and happiness.  Sex therapy’s goal is to support an individual’s ability to reclaim their sexuality, making it a positive and empowering part of their life and overall identity.

While some specially trained therapists practice somatic approaches to therapy, which include a level of professional and healing touch, our program is very strictly a talk therapy model. This means that our work is done entirely through verbal communication and does not include any type of physical contact.

Sessions are structured to create a unique and personalized approach to these needs – since every person has a unique story and goal they are hoping to achieve, we recognize that our services must be tailored to fit the individual. Sex therapy sessions are a client-centered process, meaning that the client drives the agenda and determines the steps, pace and goals. The role of the clinician is to provide accurate information and resources, suggestions, encourage positive reframes, and to provide homework as well as tangible opportunities for clients to learn new skills and build tools.

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Appointments are a mix of these elements:

-Personalized sexuality information and education
-Mental reframing and redirection of cognitive processes
Guided behavioral training
-Resources and referrals

If you think you have something you would like to address, you can contact The CSPH to determine whether a sex therapy appointment might be right for you. Depending on your needs, we may offer you a referral to an outside provider.


Kira Manser, LCSW

Kira Manser is a therapist with expertise in helping individuals and couples with sexual communication, gender affirmation, sexual functioning, sexual pleasure, and sex positivity. She is currently the Clinical Director for The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

Kira works with clients age 18 and older  and incorporates a combination of Feminist, Narrative, and Relational Therapies. She prioritizes forming strong connections with her clients so while in session they can be their authentic selves.

Energetic and friendly, Kira strives to create spaces that challenge and support individuals to explore sexuality by using active methods and affirmative and feminist informed therapeutic modalities. She received her MSW and MEd in Human Sexuality from Widener University and her BA from Brown University.

View Kira’s Psychology Today and Zencare profiles

View Kira’s Psychology Today profile.


Whitney Webster, M. S.

Whitney Webster

Whitney Webster is a couple and family therapist with a specialization in sex therapy. Professional and warm, she helps clients identify the individual, relational, and environmental factors that create and perpetuate their concerns. Then, leveraging clients’ own internal strengths, she works collaboratively with clients to reduce feelings of shame, improve communication, and remove obstacles preventing the pursuit of meaningful, fulfilling sex lives and relationships.

Whitney is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in cultural anthropology, and earned a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with specialized training in sex therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. She is also trained in EMDR therapy for treatment of trauma. Whitney provides therapy that is inclusive, culturally competent, and kink and poly-friendly.

When not at the CSPH, Whitney is a mental health clinician working with the families of teens engaging in problematic sexual behaviors. In her free time, Whitney enjoys hiking, reading, and holding babies.

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Noah Bogdonoff, Clinical Intern

Noah Bogdonoff is a Masters in Social Work candidate at Boston University. His therapeutic work is motivated by a strong belief that all people deserve to feel capable, valuable, and fulfilled in their lives and relationships. His work is founded on principles of empowerment and non-judgment, and he is committed to building warm, trusting relationships with all of his clients.

Noah is excited to work with individuals as well as relationships. He has special expertise in queer issues, non-monogamy, gender identity, masculinity, and sexual trauma. He strives to create collaborative therapeutic environments which allow for self-exploration, empathy, emotion, and healthy confrontation.
In his spare time, Noah is an essayist and fiction writer. His writing on sexuality and relationships has been printed in Motif Magazine and on his website, www.yaybody.com.

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Sexuality consultations involve an initial intake and assessment fee of $120.00 for individuals and $150.00 for couples (the first visit). After this visit, sessions for individuals are priced at $100.00. Couples sessions are $120.00 . Payment is expected at the conclusion of each session by cash, check, credit card (in person only) or through PayPal. For Skype sessions, payment is required via PayPal. All prices are in USD.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover sessions at this time.

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Therapy FAQs

What will happen during the visit?

When you first meet with one of our therapists, we will ask what brought you in, what you are looking to learn, and how you are hoping to grow and/or develop.  A personalized assessment and intake happens in order to find out more about you and your unique situation. During your first session, your therapist will provide personalized information and resources on sexuality, the body, sexual functioning, behavioral training, and mental reframing. The last 10 minutes of the session will involve clarifying concerns and creating homework –  in order to ensure that future sessions run smoothly, homework is intended to be completed before the next appointment. While it might be challenging, it will also be fun!

How long do consultations run?

The first session for both individuals and couples runs for an hour and a half in order to ensure that your therapist is brought up to speed with the specific issues/concerns you are facing.

For individuals, each additional session is an hour long whereas for couples, the second session is also an hour and a half. All sessions after that are one hour

The second appointment for couples is also an hour and a half long so that your therapist can have time to sit individually with each person and get to hear from them how they understand the reason they came in for therapy.

Sometimes therapy only involves one appointment in which the client verbalizes their concerns and their therapist is able to provide resources and clarify misconceptions. Other times, sex therapy is recommended for a series of sessions in order to bring the client to their desired destination. Appointments with our therapists are extremely individualized, with most individuals meeting twice a month for an average of 2-6 months.

What if I’m not close enough to come in person?

Some of our therapists also practice on a digital health clinic called Maven. We appreciate this form of service delivery because it makes our work more accessible to people who are geographically isolated or unable to access a professional with appropriate training where they live. While Maven is marketed for cis women, please rest assured that people of any and all gender identities and expressions are welcome and able to receive healthcare through the Maven Clinic app. If you’d like to find out more about Maven please refer to their website https://www.mavenclinic.com/, or write Therapy@TheCSPH.org to find out more.

Can I bring my partner(s), spouse(s) or lover(s) to the session?

If you would like to invite a person or multiple people to your individual therapy sessions, you must discuss this and make a plan for it with your therapist. Please keep in mind that sessions where both/all partners are present require longer sessions and should be noted at the time of booking.

I’m nervous….

Many people are nervous speaking about sexual concerns, but rest assured you are dealing with an experienced professional who has received specialized training and has years of experience having these types of conversations. Please know that:

  • You will not be judged by the language you use. There is no need to spend unnecessary time trying to come up with the “right” word; you are welcome to use the language with which you are comfortable.  If your therapist is unclear about a word or phrase, they will check in with you.
  • Sexuality consultations do not involve any nudity or touching. There are no sexual exchanges that take place at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.
  • We will progress at the pace that works best for you.
  • We have a cat named Bisquit that lives in The CSPH and loves to snuggle with people when they are experiencing feelings. If it would make you feel more comfortable you can ask to have Bisquit be present with you during your sessions 🙂

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, or to find out if therapy at The CSPH is the right fit for you, use the contact form on our website at http://www.thecsph.org/therapy/schedule-a-consultation/ or contact Therapy@TheCSPH.org. You will be able to disclose in greater detail what issues you are facing, what growth you are looking for, and/or what challenges you would like to overcome once you meet with one of our therapists.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Nonmonogamy Support Group

Upcoming Group Therapy

Loving Openly: a support group for people navigating polyamorous and open relationships.


A seven session psychoeducational therapy group for individuals in polyamorous, open, or non-monogamous relationships. This is an opportunity for participants to learn about the many types of non-monogamous relationships, build self-awareness around their own relationship needs and styles, and get support in navigating non-monogamy in a monogamous culture. Sessions will be held at The CSPH and will include didactic, interpersonal, and activity-based experiences to facilitate personal growth.
We are excited to work with people of all sexual, romantic, and gender identities!
Every Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:00PM, starting September 12th through October 24th
How Much?
Pricing: $10-$30
In order to register for group, please call the CSPH to schedule a free, one-on-one consultation to see if this group would be a good fit for you.