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Toolbox Tuesday! Jim Jackson Male Anatomy Model

July 06, 2010

Tired of using a drawing to explain where the Prostate Gland is located?  Do you want your participants to feel the Vas Deferens if you are talking about how vasectomy’s are performed?  Are you looking to show anatomy in a non-threatening manner?

Jim Jackson to the rescue!  Jim has designed 3-d models of the sexual and reproductive organs for educators, medical providers, and sexologists to use when explaining the complicated internal structures.

Made out of natural latex and filled with polyester fiber for a soft, realistic feel. They are great to use with all populations and are simplified for a clear presentation of the sexual and reproductive systems.

These models are pricey, but each one is one of a kind, will last you a few years (the latex does break down if you don’t care for it properly).  Amazing for helping participants and clients locate the prostate gland, but be warned: placing a finger in the rectum too many times without lubricant will cause the anus to split (as can happen in real life).

They come in hair free or hairy, but only alas, only circumcised and light skin models are available.  When will a non-cicumcised penis be created for professionals to use during presentations?

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  1. Garnet Joyce says:

    Wow, those are pricey! I’d love one of those, but alas cannot afford it and I’m also allergic to latex so I could not handle it anyway.

    I wonder if sex toy companies that make silicone dildos could make something similar. It could be made out of the softer more realistic silicone. That way it would last forever and be hypoallergenic. Although it would attract dust and lint like crazy.

  2. Omg I have been searching for something like this online! I’m surprised I can’t find a penis puppet to compliment my vulva puppet.

    I guess I will be purchasing one of these!