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What They Are Asking: The Intersection of Gender Identity and Dominance/Submission

December 05, 2012

What They Are Asking is an ongoing sexuality education collective created by sexuality professionals to “highlight the desperate need for individuals to receive medically accurate, comprehensive education regarding sexuality.” Every Monday, ten anonymous question cards are posted on the website, and viewers have the opportunity to vote throughout the week on the question they want answered most by one of the contributing educators. The CSPH highlights the videos created by WTAA educators every Sunday.

This week, sexuality educator, Sinclair Sexsmith, answers What They Are Asking’s top voted question for the week of August 13, 2012: “Not so much a question – but something I’m exploring is gender i.d./roles and dominance vs. submission — and the intersection thereof. Can you comment on your experience w/ that?”

No Responses to “What They Are Asking: The Intersection of Gender Identity and Dominance/Submission”

  1. ab says:

    Captions or transcript, please?

    • The CSPH says:

      Hi there,

      This is a great suggestion and is something we wish we could provide for all of our videos. Unfortunately, the folks who make our videos are those who do it on a strictly volunteer basis and we simply do not have the manpower to have someone transcribe all of our videos. There is the option of going to the video through Youtube, where you have the option to turn on closed captioning. In this case, captions are generated based on the audio and from watching about 30 seconds of the video, it does not appear to be super accurate. If one of our viewers were to take the time to transcribe the videos, we’d happily post it, but as it stands now we simply are unable to do this at this time.