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What’s Going on With Laci Green?

June 09, 2017
Patty Affriol

We’re back! Every week The CSPH talks about what’s happening in the world of sex education. This week we tune into the Laci Green controversy. Here’s the latest.

Laci Green is a YouTube personality with over 1.5 million subscribers. She has risen to fame through her short clips on various SJW (social justice warrior) topics about feminism, sexuality, gender identity, racism, pleasure…and more recently political dialogue with anti-feminists.

Laci Green Red Pill Video

The Story

A couple weeks ago, she published a video titled “Taking The Red Pill?”, where she explains why she’s engaging with Trump supporters and Anti-SJWs. Even though these groups have harassed and threatened her in the past, she was pleasantly surprised by how kind and open they were to her.

Laci believes it’s necessary for social progress to engage with opposing opinions. She’s concerned that bullying and censorship exists on both sides of the coin (she compares Milo Yiannopoulos’ book cancellation with sex-education suppression). She also worries that people join far-right groups out of isolation…and admits some of their arguments are “reasonable” and “well-cited”.

It seems Laci wants to extend an olive branch to anti-feminists groups in order to start a discussion that in theory will reach a mutual understanding. She’s also hopeful this will make the internet a safer place for people to voice their thoughts without fear of harassment and witch hunts.

How Did Activists React?

Many SJWs are outraged. Ranier Maningding*, who writes the blog The Love Life of an Asian Guy, says she’s the epitome of white feminism. He laments, “Laci Green is a white woman. White women, whether they admit it or not, will always have a seat at a white supremacist’s table.” He feels it was extremely myopic of her not to mention her white skin as a reason why Trump supporters gave her a warm-welcoming party.

Kat Blaque, who is a YouTube personality and transgender rights activist, was deeply bothered that Laci broadcasted a livestream with Blaire White, a vlogger who mocks transgender people in her videos and harasses trans activists. Kat feels it’s toxic to give a platform to intimidators—who already have a dominating and lucrative presence on YouTube—and not people who are being victimized. She also thinks it’s condescending to suggest people are living in an echo chamber for not wanting to engage with racists and transphobic people—especially to POC and transgender people.

Kat Blaque On Laci Green

Others were quick to point out that by trying to present both sides in an equal and balanced manner, Laci is highlighting the worst of feminism and erasing many terrible aspects of anti-feminist groups in order to make them appear more alike.

What Did Other People Say?

Neo-Nazi publication Breitbart praised Laci for wanting to open up dialogue with people who think differently than her. They are also showing the SJW community’s negative reactions to demonstrate how harmful feminism is. Other Anti-SJWs are following suit by admiring her courage and highlighting the community’s reactions as proof of what a “cult” activism is.

One neutral party blamed her video on activism burnout.


In a follow up video “Caught between extremes [Red Pill 2 ]”, Laci defends why it’s important to talk with people who are hostile to feminism. She wants to lighten the pitchfork mentality on the internet and expose feminists to different viewpoints.

Still…many feel she’s turning her back on people far less privileged than her.

*Editors Note: It has come to our attention that Rainer Maningding, the person who writes the blog “The Love Life of an Asian Guy,” has been called out for controversial language and problematic, abusive behavior towards women of color in the past. We recognize that these behaviors are not in line with the CSPH’s values, and in an effort to hold ourselves accountable, we’re not deleting the original content of this article. If you’d like to hear other reactions to Laci Green, please refer to OneTakeAsh or Kat Blaque.

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