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Current Interns and Volunteers

Interns Spring 2017

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image1Emmeline Frankin – Events & Outreach Intern

Emmeline is a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design where she studies Industrial Design and co-leads a group called SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Educators). Her hobbies include skiing, woodworking, and fighting the patriarchy. Her passion for sexual assault prevention and pleasure-based sexual education have brought her to The CSPH where she is excited to continue her own education. Emmy hopes to one day combine her interests in human sexuality, design, and activism to save the world.

Mickey Valentine – Education Intern

Mickey is a queer, nonbinary, disabled person who is here for making sure that sexual education isn’t just limited to condoms on bananas and showing slides of STIs to ward off people from sex. Originally from New York City, they currently resides in Somerville, MA. Currently, they are a writer for an intersectional feminist magazine and also facilitate workshops ranging from talking about desirability in polyamorous and non-monogamous  spaces to addressing ableism in a variety of spaces. They are also currently running mickeyvalentinetee.com. Besides talking about sex from an intersection lens and spreading femme magic, they also enjoy watching cartoons, writing poetry, galaxies, dyeing hair outrageous colors, cats, and cupcake dresses.

Mx Nillin – Social Media Intern

Mx Nillin is certain that they have always been gloriously kinky and queer to their very core… it just took them a little while to figure it out. Now, they’re working hard to challenge sexual stigma and shame, embrace their sexuality, and create the queer and trans inclusive sex resources that they needed while growing up. Nillin also happens to run a pretty awesome sex blog at www.mxnillin.com where they write a lot about queer porn, cryptozoological sex fetishes, furries, masturbation, non-monogamy, and how to practice Ethical Exhibitionism.

More Fats More FemsTaylor J Mace – Editorial Content Intern

Taylor J Mace is a genderqueer (he or they, please) trans boy who gets off on enthusiastic & clear consent, sex ed, and creating accessible spaces (and sex spaces!). He is political, feminist, and very vocal about his beliefs. Taylor is a kinky, poly, queer, nerd who also happens to make  “alternative” porn, to review sexuality products, and he dabbles in other areas of sex work.

Volunteers Spring 2017

Emerald Waters

Emerald is currently a junior in high school pursuing a career in Sex Therapy. Other than being a student, she works as a peer educator in her community and is the co-founder of her school’s GSA. Emerald’s interest in sexual health and therapy began after she realized that sex ed was her favorite subject, and that she wanted to help others through counseling. When she’s not debunking sex myths amongst her peers, Emerald enjoys watching cult classics and perfecting her eyebrow game.