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Current Interns and Volunteers

Iman Jenkins

Iman is a Black queer femme hailing from Gary, Indiana. She attended Brown University, where she concentrated in Africana Studies and was active as a Sexual Assault Peer Educator and Queer Alliance group facilitator. Iman is interested in sexual assault advocacy and sex after sexual trauma. When she is not at The CSPH, she enjoys planning her wedding and playing with her two cats.

Megan Sims

Megan is a bisexual, poly, kinky, Jewish fat femme and a rising senior at Harvard University where she studies a combination of folklore, gender, and sexuality. Her work focuses on urban legends among adolescents about sex and sexuality and how an understanding of these can be used to inform and improve sex ed curricula. Out of the classroom, she’s spent three years running Sex Week at Harvard, peer counseling for an LGBTQ+ specific group, writing absurdist erotic poetry, and talking about TV. Having grown up in Texas, she is excited to work at the Center, where sex positivity is a given and sex education is a priority.

Corinne St. Laurent

Originally from southern New Hampshire, Corinne now lives and works for an clean energy non-profit in Washington, DC. She graduated from Clarkson University with a BS in Communications and Media, minors in Psychology and Sociology all with a concentration in Gender & Sexuality Studies. It was at Clarkson that she discovered that her passion for wanting to eliminate sexual stigma, harmful stereotypes, and non-inclusive, non-comprehensive sex ed curriculums was something one could actually do. With this knowledge and a few years out of school, Corinne found her way to The Center where she intends on focusing her growth and knowledge on how to work towards a future where sexuality and its related education are seen as important and intertwined aspects of every person, beginning in adolescence.

Ashleigh Williams

Ashleigh graduated from NYU with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Gender & Sexuality Studies, and has worked in the fields of community education, reproductive health, publishing, and higher education. She will be starting an MA program in Women’s & Gender Studies with a specialization in LGBTQ Studies this fall at CUNY. Over the years, she has become an unintentional erotica analyst and a very intentional cat lady (minus the actual cat, for now) who believes the best things in life are queer. In her spare time, she’s an unrepentant Potterhead who loves exercise, kink, tattoos, and listening to film scores that make her cry. Send her book recs, fanfiction, and life hacks on twitter: @bombus_vagans