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Previous Interns

Abigail Wamboldt

Abigail is an Artist whose work focuses on how the sexual self is formed and acted upon. She works as an Adjunct Professor of Art at the Community College of Rhode Island, and has an MFA in Visual Art from the University of New Hampshire. Although fascinated by sexuality from a young age she was not consciously aware of sex and gender as a genre of study until her twenties, when a Humanities Professor asked her if she considered herself a Feminist and she realized she had no idea what that was.
Since then she has been developing her sexual consciousness, eliminating her own sexual shame, and trying to make work that will help others be honest with their sexual selves. Abigail believes that sexual understanding is the work of a lifetime and through her internship at CSPH she hopes to enhance and continue her sexual journey.

Alicia Vitorino

Born and mostly raised in Fall River, MA, Alicia has lived in a variety of locations ranging from “military town” Jacksonville, NC to the Portuguese island of Sao Miguel Azores, all of which helped shape her eclectic and colorful personality. Alicia has a strong desire to explore all aspects of sexuality and psychology, and as such, she is currently attending Bristol Community College’s Mass Transfer Program in hopes of becoming a sexual therapist.  When not in school, Alicia is working on her radio show “Raw Sex” which promotes sexual education, spending time with her daughter, or obsessing over Chris Cornell.

Allie Stankus

Allie is a Worcester, Massachusetts native and recent graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she concentrated in psychology and communication.  At UMass she was particularly attracted to her studies of LGBT psychology and gender representation in the media, which were a part of what spurred her desire to work in the sexual health community.  Since graduating she’s begun work in her hometown at Pathways for Change as a volunteer counselor working with survivors of sexual assault.  If Allie isn’t at the CSPH you’ll probably find her rocking out to any local music she can boogie to or hanging home with her cats perusing sex related sub-reddits.  She plans on furthering her interests in human sexuality in grad school, but at the moment is more focused on what she can do within her community and eventually in disadvantaged areas across the globe.

Amanda Major

While interning at the CSPH, Amanda was able to hone her programming skills while having tons of fun hosting many in-house programs. She was also able to use the time during her internship at the CSPH to do some really excellent self-reflecting. Currently, Amanda is living in Worcester while finishing her Masters degree in International Development and Social Change with a focus on Women’s Health at Clark University. This year, Amanda will be interning at the YWCA for the Girls Promoting Safety program. She will also be working at Clark University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship program as the graduate assistant. Amanda looks fondly back on her time as a CSPH Programs Intern. She learned so much and made many invaluable friendships while interning for the Center. Her internship experience has allowed her to more effectively vocalize her perspectives and knowledge regarding sex, sexuality, and health.

Arianna Sita

Originally from the East side of the Globe, Ari completed her degree in Boston in Feminist Studies and Media Studies. She is passionate about celebrating sexual diversity and spends a lot of time thinking about sex and culture. Ari enjoys traveling and has already crossed the United States twice; once on a bike and once with a backpack. If she is not reading about sex, Ari is checking out a book on consciousness, eco-psychology or cooking. She is an aspiring sex coach and is currently running sexcoachforyou.tumblr.com. Ari loves her dog, the ukulele and herbal medicine.

Ash Gayle

Ash is a Virginia-born psychology student, who wishes to eventually become a sex therapist that specializes in LGBT issues, as well as counseling queer youth that grew up in small towns similar to hers. Her desire to pursue a career related to sexuality was shaped by a college class on sex and gender, her forays into gender studies, and late-night outings with her friends to the nearby adult novelty shop for their $5 grab-bags. When she’s not working with the CSPH, her passions include yoga and cross-stitching explicit rap verses. She drinks lots of coffee and probably spends too much on edgy, androgynous haircuts, but is undeterred.

Billie Amatus-Salaam

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Billie Amatus-Salaam is completing her Master’s of Public Health degree at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA. A self-proclaimed sex geek, she’s always been fascinated by sex and human sexuality and hopes to channel her interests into becoming a sex educator. She is a member of her university’s newly formed Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Task Force, and is working with her thesis project partner to establish a comprehensive, inclusive sex ed program for all incoming freshman. When she’s not trying to improve sexual health on her campus, she consumes horror movies like Smartfood popcorn and immerses herself in MMOs.

Brenna Levitin

Brenna is a college student in limbo (currently in Massachusetts). She is a geek, a photographer, a journalist, and a feminist. She loves being in nature, especially at Walden Pond. In her capacity as a Social Media Intern, Brenna will finally put all those hours on Tumblr to good use by promoting sex positivity and managing the CSPH’s online presence. Brenna hopes some day to be an eSports journalist, a sex educator, or a consulting psychologist.

Briana Ransford

Briana is a senior studying Psychology, Marine Biology, Anthropology and Sociology at Roger Williams University. She aspires to be a sex therapist, preferably in or near Australia. Her role at the internship was resources, which included organizing question cards, creating a better library system, video taping vlogs and more. Briana believes that being more outgoing in presenting her opinions, standing up for what she believes is right, and communication skills are just some of the positive aspects to the internship. Upon entering The Center, Briana realized that there are many individuals, including herself, who do not know the facts about sex. She now spends her free time expanding her knowledge about sexuality, and spreading that knowledge to others. After completing this internship, Briana is now certain that her profession will definitely have a sexual health component to it. Briana found this internship to be an amazing experience, unlike anything she had ever done.

Brittany Hunt

After having interned at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health for two fruitful summers,  Brittany graduated from Vassar College with degrees in English and Women’s Studies in 2012. Primarily, Brittany worked keeping up on the Center’s website, reviewing scientific articles, products, and books. She learned more than just the ins and outs of wordpress, however. She learned to keep an open mind with regards to the delicate intricacies of sexuality and how to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Currently, she is using these skills and values in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she is getting her Masters in Social Work from Tulane University. She is doing her clinical field placement at Eden House, a residential facility for women wishing to leave prostitution. In her spare time she performs standup, improv and sketch comedy.

Cait Mello

Cait is an alumna of Colgate University, where she concentrated in Geology and (more relevantly) Women’s Studies. She spends most of her free time taking care of her horse, Lass, and freely admits that her life is a non-sequitur. Cait first became interested in pursuing sexuality as a potential career path when she realized she was reading her gender and sexuality textbooks for fun–and couldn’t stop talking about them. It got serious when the realized that so many people still lack the tools or knowledge to have safe, fun and pleasurable sex lives. Cait hopes to help herself and others be more knowledgeable and less inhibited about sex while also exploring the ways sex-positivity can help curb our country’s widespread problem with sexual assault.

Cassandra Corrado

Cassandra spent half of her life in West Chester, PA and half of her life in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She currently is a third-year student at New College of Florida in Sarasota, Fla., where she studies Literature and Gender Studies, facilitates the Sexual Violence Support Group, is the Co-President of Voices for Planned Parenthood, and is the student facilitator for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She is interested in how race and class affect the sexual violence reporting rate in addition to the social performance of queer couples. Following her graduation from New College, she hopes to attend graduate school for Social Work and Non-Profit Management. She has three cats, a puppy, and a rat and spends all of her free time napping and doing baking experiments in her kitchen.

Cece Nease

Cece is originally from West Virginia, where she attended Charleston Catholic High School. She just completed her second year at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She’s interested in infectious disease and improving sex education and access to contraceptives. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she plans to pursue an MD/PhD in public health. When she’s not studying, she loves to bake, exercise, and show people pictures of her chubby bulldog, and she’s a double gold medalist figure skater!

Chanelle Adams

Chanelle grew up in Montclair, NJ, but has found her way to Providence for the duration of her college years at Brown. As a writer/scientist/poet/activist she has worked in many different areas such as event planning, science reporting and feminist zine-ing. Her most recent projects are working with Brown’s Organization of Multi- and Bi- Racial students and being Co-Editor in Chief and Blog Managing Editor of Bluestockings Magazine.

Dani Zionts

Dani recently graduated from Brandeis University with degrees in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Women’s and Gender Studies, and has begun a Masters of Science in Public Health at McGill University. Herinternship with the CSPH, where she was responsible for reviewing sexual studies and creating lab coat cards for medical students of under-taught sexuality and gender topics, was the perfect bridge for her between these two chapters of her life. It allowed her to take the theoretical concepts of her undergraduate studies—as well as years of sex geekery and a magpie-like drive to collect sexuality information—and understand how to apply them in practice, towards directing policies, research, or resources towards better valuing sexuality. But this biggest role this internship probably played in her future life—besides training her to identify a vibrator on sight by its brand, function, and means of operation—is to recharge her, to introduce her to passionate, brilliant individuals doing work around sexual health and pleasure, and to show her some of the avenues in which she can strive to make changes. It inspired in her an intense interest not only in sex education, but in particular the education of the people who make the decisions over our bodies—medical students and policy makers—and she hopes to take her experience with the CSPH into these fields in the future.

Deirdre O’Donnell

The CSPH internship was helpful to Deirdre’s life in a personal and an academic way. Now, she teaches sex positivity workshops at Rhode Island College and the internship taught her everything she now knows. She is in her senior year at RIC and the internship helped her figure out that she wants a master’s degree in public health, focusing specifically on sex, sexuality and gender once she is done with her undergraduate career. Her dream job is to teach medical providers how to be more LGBTQ inclusive and friendly in their care, since she has both a personal and intellectual connection to that type of career. Her partner is an incredible person who just so happens to also be a transman, and she has knowledge now that she gained both from the internship and anectdotally that shows her daily just how much medical professionals need this kind of training. Interning at The CSPH helped Deirdre grow in so many ways. She knows herself, her feelings and her desires better, is a more efficient communicator, it helped her sex life, and propelled her future career as a sexual health professional forward because it helped her make really important connections to some amazing role models. After she graduates from RIC, she is probably going to go on to get a master’s degree and work with sexual health in some capacity right away- hopefully either for a sexual aid company or as a programming person who does workshops with medical providers like the ones previously mentioned. Deirdre left the internship with more self-confidence and a more focused eye on the future, and feels she owes Megan Andelloux and her incredible center for that.

Devin Hoover

Devin Hoover lives in Portland Oregon and goes to school full time at Lewis & Clark College studying psychology and neuroscience. Interning at the CSPH has made Devin more aware of how much of a role sex plays in everyday life. Now, instead of just smiling and nodding when awkward topics come up, he now knows how to ease into those conversations and supply helpful information. Entering the internship there were topics that Devin would unconsciously avoid because he didn’t know any better or thought it was awkward. Now there are very few things that Devin finds awkward. The only topic that is awkward is the number of times the word awkward appears in this paragraph. After the internship, Devin now feels much more comfortable interacting with others when sex comes up in conversation. Instead of awkwardly supplying anecdotes from personal experience, he now has further resources to draw information from and direct others to.

Devan Johnson

Born in Virginia and raised everywhere from California to Germany, Devan Johnson realized in high school that she wasn’t going to receive the sex education she needed from her school, so she took it upon herself to learn everything she could from outside sources and pass that information on to her friends. She attended undergrad in Boston, and after a brief stint during which she wanted to be an actress, then an editor, then a novelist, she is once again on the sex education path. She is currently living and working in Florida while applying to various graduate programs in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her ultimate goal is to study the way children and teenagers are taught about their bodies and sexualities, and find ways to make it more honest and accessible. She spends her free time teaching her puppy fun new concepts like: “we don’t eat laptops;” “teeth are not for biting;” and “please, oh please spit that out it’s so gross.”

Diana Buchhalter

Diana is a senior studying Human Development and Sociology at Binghamton University. She intends to pursue a masters in social work after college to go into counseling, specializing in aging sexuality. She hopes to work with the aging and elderly to assist their continuing sexual life. She was inspired by her internship at the Center, where she worked on social media, including writing the words of the day and the TGIF posts. The knowledge she gained from her supervisors and colleagues at the CSPH has been instrumental in her future endeavors, and she could not be more grateful for the experience and wisdom she gleaned. Her passion for sexual health was fed heartily by her work with the CSPH and those who run it, and the internship improved her skills in communicating about healthy, pleasurable sex and sexuality to others. The role the internship played in her professional development is yet to be seen, but it has without a doubt set her in a fabulous, positive, and sexy direction!

Elise Herrera-Mishler

Elise was Megan’s (the Center’s) first official intern. Having been interested in sex education, she approached Megan after attending a few of her classes, wondering if she was looking for any interns.  As an intern, Elise started off as a general intern, but branched off to work as a designer- to play to her skills. She was able to create a few things for the Center, some of which she was able to use in her portfolio. Two years later- Elise graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, and is living in the Washington D.C. metro area, working as a cookie decorator, while she seeks out employment as a toy designer. What Elise probably got most of out her internship is a greater knowledge of sex toys and implements. She find the collection in the Center to be pretty fun and impressive. She also feels comfortable giving friends toy recommendations to their various tastes and needs. Elise thinks The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is a wonderful institution, and she supports it whole heartedly. She really hopes it continues to grow and educate the community.

Ellora Vilkin

Ellora graduated from Brown University in May 2014, where she received a BA in English with Honors in Nonfiction Writing. Her thesis, a collection of lyric and longform essays, explored intersections of intimacy and performance onstage and online. At Brown, Ellora wrote, edited, and managed the College Hill Independent, an alternative weekly newspaper,and used her yoga teacher certification to lead free community classes through YAM. A classically trained soprano, Ellora also studied voice in the Applied Music Program and hopes to continue graduate studies at the conservatory level. Her writing, teaching, and singing share interest in the ways bodies express themselves together and apart, and she is especially interested in modes of communication within and around spaces of intimacy. As Education Intern at the CSPH, Ellora hopes to study and promote means of positive communication between bodies in the context of human sexuality and health. She enjoys sexology podcasts, weird twitter, and hot sauce.

Elizabeth Watt

Elizabeth Watt is a graduate student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently working on her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and plans to move to the Pacific Northwest for her doctoral internship. In addition to her degree, Elizabeth is working towards her official sex therapist certification from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). She is a member of the Junior Board of Mental Health America of Illinois (MHAI), a student member of AASECT and the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR), and an active member of her school’s PRIDE group. Elizabeth joined the Center as a Research Intern in the fall of 2011. Her main duties included drafting film and book reviews and research article critiques for The CSPH website’s “Sexual Studies” column, which she still does on a volunteer basis. She also helped to develop The CSPH’s “Map of Campus Gender & Sexuality Groups,” a comprehensive map of U.S. college and university organizations tackling issues of sexuality and gender and the first inclusive listing of the vast array of student and college involvement in the fields of sex-positivity and education. Elizabeth loved working with The Center and all of its staff and volunteers to help provide information and resources to the public about the latest research in sexual health. She is a supporter of sex-positive clinical treatment and education and intends to be an advocate of these in her future professional practice.

Gopika Krishna

Gopika, a past Website intern, had one of the most fulfilling, fun, and informative work experiences during her time at the CSPH. As someone who has worked with sexual education on campus, Gopika wanted to use her time at the CSPH to both gain new knowledge and challenge her pre-existing ideas about sexuality and health. For her, the Center provided the perfectly warm and open environment that allowed her to do just that, whether through workshops, research, or her daily conversations with other interns and staff. This environment also helped Gopika advocate for herself and her opinions more, and has even made her more vocal in her classes and activities at Brown. She hopes to use all of her new communication skills as a future medical professional to help make healthcare and the patient experience as sex and body positive as she can! Gopika is also currently volunteering for the Center, and looks forward to continuing her relationship with the CSPH for many semesters to come.

Grace Miller

Grace graduated as salutatorian from Richardson High School in Dallas, Texas, where she was captain of the Mock Trial team and an enthusiastic member of the marching band. She then moved to Wellesley College– and suddenly none of that mattered anymore. Soon, however, she discovered her passion for social justice issues, sex positivity, and Tumblr. Grace eventually moved to spend a semester at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland before finally finding a home at Brown University. Through all this change, though, Grace has always spent copious amounts of time on the internet. She will gladly go on for hours on the importance of online communities and what the creation of these networks means for our society.

Hannah Clark

Hannah grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she was most often cast as the devil in church musicals, or sexually charged femme fatales in theater productions. Wanting to escape the laughably limited social norms surrounding sexuality and gender in the traditional South, she absconded to Asheville, North Carolina, where she studied Psychology and German at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. After setting her sights on a career as a sex therapist and sexologist, she undertook an undergraduate research project that investigated diversity in psychosexual definitions of sexual behavior. She hopes to spend her time researching (and debunking) social norms surrounding sex and sexuality. Hannah is also interested in consensual non-monogamy (CNM), and would like to provide open-minded sex therapy for those in CNM relationships. Her role as a research intern for the CSPH includes working on a collaborative, longitudinal study about the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), as well as organizing a hefty bank of questions about sex and sexuality. When she is not focusing on sexual behavior, she spends her time dancing contra, waltz, blues, and swing. She is also an avid speaker of German, and will move to Germany in the fall of 2014 to teach English on behalf of the Fulbright Student Program.

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones was born in Pennsylvania and attended Daniel Boone High School, a small high school in suburban Pennsylvania. She now attends Brown University studying Gender and Sexuality Studies and Public Policy. Some accomplishments in these fields have included have included event coordinating SexPowerGod, a large fundraiser sponsored by the Brown Queer Alliance and doing political work with voter registration. She hopes to continue working in these fields and to facilitate advancements in these areas.

Jaclyn Boudreau

Jaclyn’s internship at The CSPH culminated in a series of amazing opportunities, including her first formal publication in the American Journal of Sexuality Education. Now, she works as head counselor at Four Women Health Services. Jaclyn currently lives in Massachusetts but plans to move to Manhattan after she graduates in May with a B.S. in psychology and philosophy. In New York, she will pursue a career in public policy. Jaclyn believes that interning at The CSPH was a pivotal experience both professionally and personally and that the confidence and self-worth she has attained as a result is invaluable. “I think that is what makes the internship program so unique: you go into it not knowing what passions you will have developed by the time you leave.” What she considers to be the most impressive about the CSPH was the effect it had on her personal development. “The CSPH led me by the hand so carefully into adulthood that the process happened before I could think to be nervous about it. By the time it was over, I could only think about who I was before and be grateful for the growth I had undergone. The confidence and self-worth I have attained through my experience with the CSPH is invaluable. I still think about my life before the internship and wonder how I had never looked at the world around me and thought I could change it.”

Jeffrey Herman

Jeff had the opportunity to work with incredible sex-positive, supportive, amazing people that gave him a sex-positive community over the summer. He will also be published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education as a result of the internship! Most significantly, between the daily conversations and the SAR, he was able to solidify and feel more confident in his beliefs and opinions about various topics relating to sexuality. Jeff loved the people he worked with and the amazing sex-positive community at The CSPH. Just by being in the center around other interns and Megan, he was constantly learning. Although Jeff loved the internship, it became clear that being a full-time sexuality educator was not the right fit for him. However, the internship re-affirmed Jeff’s interest in bringing a sex-positive perspective to academia and solidified his desire to always remain a part of a sex-positive community regardless of where he lives.

Currently, Jeff is back at Brandeis working on his undergrad degree in Sociology with minors in Health Policy and Sexuality & Queer Studies. He continues to work as a sexuality educator and counselor in Brandeis’s sex-positive safer sex and counseling group—Student Sexuality and Information Service. In the spring, he will be studying abroad in Denmark, focusing mostly on the sociological study of human sexuality and initial work on his senior honors thesis.

Jenn Conti

Jenn graduated from Brown University in 2012 with a degree in Human Biology and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She used her degrees to focus on reproductive health and education, completing an honors thesis in female reproductive toxicology research and a concentration capstone in family planning practices in the US and in Haiti. While at Brown, Jenn also served as a co-Chair of the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council (SHEEC), a student-run group responsible for bringing all types of sexual health programming to campus. It was through SHEEC that she discovered her passion for issues surrounding sexual health openness and communication, contraception, and education, as well as her desire to become involved in both the sex positive and reproductive justice movements in a meaningful way. She currently resides in Cambridge, MA where she spends her free time exploring (and getting lost in) Boston on her bike, volunteering with sexual health and LGBTQ-focused organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Fenway Health, and looking at cute pictures of bunnies on the Internet.

Jessica McLean

Jess is a full-time Canadian and part-time fan of goats. She is returning for another fun-filled semester at the CSPH! You’ll most likely find her petting a cat or drink a delicious coffee. She recently graduated from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI after earning her bachelor’s in Public Relations. She’s been assisting the Center with social media, graphic design, writing, and a little event preparation. Her passion for sex positivity and feminism runs deep and will hopefully fuel the rest of her career. She currently resides in Columbus, OH with her husband and two amazing felines.

Julia Coltri

Julia just graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in biology. There she was a member of SSIS (Student Sexuality Information Service), a group dedicated to providing peer sexuality education and counseling to the campus population. She has also worked with the Education and Outreach department at Planned Parenthood of Maryland and various LGBTQ* organizations. She loves cats, Doctor Who, tumblr, science, sex positivity, and adventures.

Kaitlyn Scalisi

Kait Scalisi is a sexual health educator and consultant with an interest in the intersection between sexual health and pleasure and disease. In May 2013, she graduated with an MPH from Johns Hopkins University where she focused on health education and sexual and reproductive health.  During her time interning and volunteering with the Center, she compiled the Sex and Cancer database, wrote a number of pamphlets focused on sex and illness, and reviewed scientific research for the Saturday Sex Studies series. Kait credits her internship with the CSPH as a huge part of her transition from someone who likes to talk about sex (and sell sex toys!) to a professional sex educator. It also played no small part in inspiring her to write her Master’s paper, which she is preparing for publication, on sexual health and pleasure in cancer survivors. Kait currently resides in Manhattan where she is growing her business, Passion by Kait, hanging out with fellow sex geeks, getting her sexy on teaching Zumba Fitness classes, and having fun exploring everything the Big Apple has to offer.

Liz Nahod

Originally hailing from Maryland, Liz is a recent Bachelor of Arts graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s Psychology department. Liz is passionate about many issues such as LGBT and gender spectrum rights, sexual variability and sexual health and education. Promoting healthy body image, changing negative views of alternative sexuality and encouraging people to love and respect their sexual selves are some of her goals in her education and her work. She plans to obtain graduate training in sexuality and social work to become a sexual counselor and educator. An avid writer, she also hopes to someday write and publish books. She discovered her passion for sexuality studies at the Community College of Rhode Island through both a course in human sexuality and her involvement with the Gay Straight Alliance. She went on to devour every gender and sexuality related course she could find and in 2011 did an internship with YouthPride, a center that works with LGBT teens in Providence. She continues to volunteer there and spends her free time reading, writing, pursuing health goals and loving her cat Peaches. She loves anime, pugs, good conversation, punk music and self-expression.

Luisa Ramirez

Luisa lives most of the year in Montreal, Canada, where she is doing her undergraduate studies in Sociology and Psychology at Concordia University. She sings for the Reproductive Justice League Choir and organizes with the Center for Gender Advocacy in Montreal, specifically the Reproductive Justice campaign. She babysits and tutors in English and Spanish, and she also writes for her personal sexuality-themed blog. The loves of her life are Oscar and Mau, her nephews, who live in Mexico City, where she herself was born and raised. In her free time, she likes to read through feminist and sex-positive blogs and websites (and when she is not reading, she is probably talking nonstop about what she just read). She also likes drinking coffee, exploring the city, watching YouTube videos and eating pasta.

Maddy Magnuson

Maddy is an organic farmer off the coast of Maine. They received a B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and is a certified sexuality educator from both Planned Parenthood and Our Whole Lives. In their spare time Maddy works as a documentary video artist, showcasing stories that connect how people’s sexuality interacts with the environments in which they live.

Morgan Peniuta

Morgan graduated from Concordia University in Montréal, Québec with a B.A (Honours) in sociology in the spring of 2013, where her thesis focused on socially stigmatized work and identities, research that will be continued when she returns there for grad school in the fall. Morgan is fueled by her belief that sex-positivity is a social justice issue. This has led her to work on projects that promote safer sex and comprehensive sex education, reproductive rights and LGBTQ liberation (among other things). Whether this takes the form of throwing a fierce queer dance party fundraiser, giving workshops or tabling at events; or even just being a vocal and supportive ally – it’s all just part of a larger scheme to someday soon live in a better, more free world. When not rocking the boat, Morgan can sometimes be found biking around Providence, listening to records, drawing or gardening, but more likely just sitting on the beach reading some H.P Lovecraft.

Melissa Lopez

A passion for helping others connect to their inherent body wisdom has always been a motivating factor in Melissa’s life experiences. Her genuine interest in people inspires her to use whatever topic about which she is teaching, speaking or writing as a vehicle to facilitate greater body-mind connection. After a decade working within faith-based organizations, she is excited to continue linking spirituality and sexuality in the secular world. Melissa is an OWL trainer and facilitator and has presented sex-ed lectures around the country. She loves to dance and teaches both tribal bellydance and yoga.

Rachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman served as an intern at the CSPH from September of 2010 to May of 2011. Her responsibilities were lecture prep and research and editing for publication. She currently lives and works as a research assistant in the Boston area. She plans to go into medicine and has found that her internship at the CSPH has inspired her to work in both clinical care and policy. She’d eventually like to work with underserved populations, the LGBTQ community in particular, and in sex education policy.

Ruby Vail

During her time at the CSPH, Ruby was one of the programming and outreach interns, organizing events such as sex trivia and smut night and learning more about the wide, wonderful world of sexuality! Ruby currently resides in Boston, living a dual life studying women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and English and selling sex toys on the side. She’s interested in more fully uniting sexual health and education into gender studies. In her free time, you’ll find her reading feminist, queer, and critical race theory; cuddling with her dog; searching for (and making) yummy recipes; and hosting awesome dance parties.

Sam Benac

Sam was born in Aschaffenburg, Germany but grew up near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Currently, she attends Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio where she is self-designing a major in intersectional feminist theory as it specifically pertains to anthropology and psychology. Sam found her way to The CSPH after doing a co-op at Scarleteen, where she still writes freelance. After Antioch, Sam hopes to pursue a graduate degree in some combination of gender studies, human sexuality, anthropology, and public health. In addition to sex education and intersectional feminism, Sam enjoys creative writing, art, music, pop culture, fashion, performing (sometimes), and strong coffee.

Shayna Parker

Shayna hails from just outside Boston and loves all things New England. She stayed in the area for college, turning her interest in people and cultures into an Anthropology degree. Her attendance at Brandeis University also fueled her desire to become more involved in social justice. She hopes to utilize both of these passions through the internship at the CSHP and beyond. In her spare time, Shayna enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and rock climbing. Although she wouldn’t say no to binge watching a new TV show.

Shikwana Adams

Kwana was born and raised in Providence, RI on the north side. While she hasn’t always been interested in sexuality, she was intrigued after attending a talk with Oh, Megan. Realizing how little knowledge she had in the field, Kwana was driven to learn more, not only for herself, but for her friends and family. Kwana am a Communications Major at the University of Rhode Island but has always been interested in fashion design. Sexuality is especially important to her because, as a feminist, it really bugs bugs when women are shamed for being sexual and she really want that to change.

Sidney Lane Smith

Sidney is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Psychology. Her passions lie in sexual and reproductive health and advocacy. Sidney is exploring these passions as a trained doula and through her work as a peer health educator at Mount Holyoke College. Through her internship at the CSPH she hopes to both expand her knowledge of sexual health education and contribute to projects at the center. Sidney believes in the importance of creating safe spaces to facilitate discussions on sexuality and health. In addition to her time spent at the center Sidney hopes to spend her summer camping and biking in the northeast.

Sophie Howard

Sophie is a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, MA where she double majored in Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies with a minor in Community Health. While abroad in Morocco, she studied masculinity, sexuality and transnationalism and back at Wheaton, she researched heterosexual anal sexuality for her senior sociology thesis. She was the president of the Sexual Health Advocacy Group of Wheaton College and educated her peers on sexual pleasure and health, produced theater on topics of sexuality and advocated for sexuality resources on campus. She has held numerous internships at sexual health clinics at home and abroad and is so excited to be a summer intern at CSPH. Sophie is currently exploring employment opportunities in the field of sexual health, as she embarks on the adventure that is post-grad life!

Talia Baurer

Talia is a rising senior at Wesleyan University, where she has discovered and developed her commitment to social justice and her passion for sexual health education and advocacy. Among other things, she teaches sex-positive sex ed workshops in high schools as a member of ASHA (Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness) and volunteers as an abortion doula at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. When she isn’t at school, she can be found wandering around her native Philadelphia rambling about the importance of full and open sexuality education to anyone who will listen.

Yenling Yang

Yenling was a programming and outreach intern at the CSPH during the fall of 2012. During her time there, she explored the intersectionality of sex and sexuality, particularly issues concerning power dynamics and gender roles. She actively participated in creating an American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) database, promoting professional development events, and preparing lab coat cards for medical residents. Currently a junior at Brown University, majoring in Health and Human Biology with a focus in global health, she is interested in reproductive/sexual health attitudes among youth, especially in minority populations, as well as the methods currently used by health centers/clinics/non-profits/etc. to engage with these adolescents in order to create open and safe spaces for free dialogue. Yenling is also interested in the models that organizations geared towards youth empowerment use and how they try to encourage their definition of a healthy, capable, and brilliant young adult in the teens that they are serving. The Center provided a miraculous forum for engaging with all these issues all at once and because of it, Yenling will be a lifelong supporter and advocate for sex-positivity in future studies and practice.